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Is Treating Chronic Pain With TENS Machine in UK Effective?

Back pain is a very common problem in UK. It is estimated that more than 60 percent people living in United Kingdom experience some type of back pain in their lives. Chronic back and neck pain not only causes distress but also one of the reason that people miss their work is one of the leading sources for workman’s compensation claims. There are many therapies that helps in reducing the chronic back pain and that includes heat therapy, inversion therapy and newly invented TENS. We will be discussing in details about TENS and how you can choose best TENS unit in UK later in this article.

Any cure to the common condition of pain is directly related to the determination of its cause, though the causes seem to be numerous. Any person suffering from back and neck pain would not refrain to pray, to cure him of the pain and misery. It is quite understandable that people who suffer from sciatica pain constantly, and are unable to move or get on with their normal activities should be very anxious to clutch at any treatment that promises to relieve them of their pain and suffering. The most common type comes from straining one’s lower back muscles and ligaments,from either straining to lift a heavy object, from a fall or awkward movement or a back spasm.Back pain is also caused by poor posture, a sedentary lifesyle, and/or sitting on a soft sofa or chair for long periods of time.

Inversion Therapy For Back Pain

back painInversion therapy could be a therapeutic intervention, principally practiced for treatment of back pain. Beneath this therapy, the patient hangs upside down or in an inverted position (against gravity). The degree of the inversion angle depends upon the approach for undergoing the therapy and the health condition of the patient.

Inversion therapy advantages are mainly stressed on correcting the issues of the spinal column, which occur because of injury, dislocations and aging. The therapist could suggest appropriate inversion therapy exercises for overcoming pain in the back. Browse a lot of on back pain relief.

Inversion Therapy Advantages

Inversion therapy for back pain could be a popularly discussed topic. As per the proponents, it is effective in decompressing the spine and relaxing muscles and ligaments. Special equipment called inversion tables and gravity boots are used for performing inversion therapy. The former permits inverting at variable angles, while the latter is supposed for a right away the wrong way up position. Hence, the benefits of inversion tables and gravity boots depend upon the approach for that you’re using the equipment. Some of the inversion therapy advantages include:

1)  Decompress Spine – When speaking concerning inversion therapy for a spine drawback, it helps to decompress the spine and relieves pain by reducing pressure on the nerves and spinal discs.
2) Correct Body Posture – Inversion therapy aids in reversing the process of aging in the spine. As it realigns the spinal column to its original form, it aids in maintaining body posture.
3) Increase Flexibility – It’s quite obvious that after decompression of the spine and relieving pain, the flexibleness and body movement is increased to a sure extent.
4) Promote Blood Circulation – Undergoing regular sessions of inversion therapy promotes blood circulation to the upper organs, so increasing oxygen and nutrient provide to these body parts. This indirectly helps in quick healing of the inflamed and injured tissue.
5) Improve Lymphatic System – Inversion therapy improves the lymphatic system and promotes higher circulation of the essential nutrients to the body organs. This in turn helps in body detoxification and proper coordination of the body metabolic processes.
6) Eliminate Constipation – The inversion therapy edges conjointly embrace simple bowel movements and relieving constipation. Because the body remains the other way up, the pressure of a arduous stool is decreased, permitting straightforward passage.
7)  Relieve Stress – The proponents of inversion therapy are of the opinion that it helps in proper stress management. However, guarantee that you just follow the therapist’s advice for a suitable position.

Inversion Therapy Risks

The therapeutic benefits of inversion therapy is controversial. Specifically, this therapy isn’t applicable for patients who have back pain along with other medical conditions. Dangers of inversion therapy embody blood infusion in the head portion. Considering this, folks with high blood pressure, heart problems, glaucoma and eye diseases ought to ask for advice from their concerned physician prior to indulging in inversion therapy. Conjointly, pregnant girls ought to refrain from this kind of therapy, as it will cause sure complications, both for the mother and therefore the baby.

TENS Machine For Back Pain

TENS, EMS and IFC pain relief units use electrical frequencies to help relieve several types of pain, without drugs or harmful side effects. Over time, they have been shown to actually reverse some pain problems. They’ve been used for years by medical doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and other health professionals. If you have back pain, shoulder pain, arm and wrist pain, ankle pain, leg pain or neck pain, a TENS, EMS or IFC unit may help relieve that pain and stress without heavy duty painkillers or over the counter pain medications. If you can avoid taking painkillers, you’ll feel better, avoid becoming dependent, and your body won’t grow used to the pills, making them ineffective if you really need them later. Continue reading 

Complete Buying Guide To Electric Shavers

So what’s the deal with the Philips Norelco SensoTouch 1280x?

Why would anyone spend the big bucks for this electric shaver?

Well for starters, it must be pretty good if 110 of the 163 people who bothered to write a review on Amazon, gave it 5 stars.  The fact that 110 people were motivated to share how much they liked the Philips Norelco 1280x is pretty impressive in itself. There are so many electric shavers available in the stores, Choosing the best and top electric shavers in india is really a frustrating task.

So what did everyone like about it?  Here’s what one customer listed as the best features:

  • Gives a great shave
  • Very quiet
  •  Charges quickly
  • Alot less irritation than previous razors. I think the fact that the heads move to the contour of your face has alot to do with that.
  • Alot easier to hold
  • Looks stylish, alot slimmer than previous models

Another customer who has used Philips Norelco shavers in the past says he always experience skin irritation after shaving.  However, he goes on to say this is the first shaver where that irritation does not occur.  He is thrilled that he can finally reap the benefits of a quick shaving without the downside of razor burn.  For him, springing the extra cash for the 1280x was definitely worth it.

Shaun, an adventurous customer, decided to put the Philips Norelco SensoTouch to the test.  He shaved half his face wet and the other half dry to see if he got a close shave no matter what.  Shaun says the dry side was very smooth and very quick although he did have to go over each area a few times.  However, Shaun’s face was irritated when he used the 1280x on the wet side of his face.  He definitely recommends going gel free and shaving on dry skin.

How Does the Philips Norelco 1280x Compare to the Competition

When compared to the Braun line of electric shavers, the Philips Norelco 1280x comes out on top.  Most reviewers point out that the Norelco is quieter and quicker to use than the Braun’s that they have used in the past.

Most men have found that the shaver is very easy to clean up on a fairly regular basis.  Most report that they don’t take the time to clean it every day but instead do it every few days.  In addition, the general consensus is that you don’t need to that Jet Clean system.  The majority of reviewers just use water to clean out the shaving heads.

It should be noted that the Jet Clean system lubricates as well is it is a good idea to use it some of the time.  I f not using the Jet Clean system, then use a water and alcohol blend and add a drop of mineral oil.  That should keep your shaver in good working order for the long term.

For those reviewers that gave the 1280x a bad review – 2 common issues were mentioned.  One is that the razor was defective.  If that is the case, be sure to return it for a full refund or for a full replacement.  Some times shavers come from the factory and are damaged during shipping.

The other common reason some men didn’t like the shaver was due to skin sensitivity.  While most men said that the shaver was actually gentler on their skin than other shavers or razors, some men did actually experience greater irritation.  Not everyone has the same skin type, so it is to be expected that some guys have a bad experience with an electric model.  Generally you should give your face about 3 weeks to get used to the shaver but if after that you still experience discomfort, return the shaver and get your money back.  It doesn’t mean its a bad product, its just not the right one for every one.

How to choose best Electric shavers ?

The blades used in them are far durable than disposable razors, and any parts that may require replacement can be found easily, without spending too much. There are certain models that have floating heads as well, which make it possible for you to adjust their shape as per your face, making it easier to shave on the tricky spots. You can use them with shaving gel or foam for a closer shave and more protection for sensitive skin. For the battery charging type, you’ll have a bit of overall versatility, but ensure that you’ll be able to charge the device readily and that it can keep a charge when you need a shave. The name “foil” directly refers to a very thin layer of metallic mesh that rests above the blades of the shaver. Choosing a beard trimmer with several different attachments gives you a variety of styling options and makes it possible to most efficiently trim various areas of the face, such as the chin. We will give you faithful advice where you can trust. Foil shavers use a metallic foil like screen that shields the skin from the blades below. Questions to be Answered for Finding the Right Electric Shaver. The advantages of using a rotary blade shaver include. Many can be used in the shower.

Another great foil unit, this product does a great job at providing a close shave without excess irritation. This metal actually provides some protection for sensitive skin, but like rotary units, you should clean your foil shaver consistently to avoid the formation of acne. Angled attachments are particularly useful for blending areas of the face containing different lengths of hair, such as the cheeks and sideburns. All modern day electric shavers are designed and manufactured with latest technology to add features to give the best shaving experience to the men of today’s age. The slits in the foil work to grab and lift the hair allowing the blades to then do their job. There are two types of electric shavers:Foil heads: A number of fine, angled blades move quickly from side-to-side, partially pulling whiskers through the holes in a very thin foil (metal) screen before cutting them. These are useful for shaving longer hair. Cordless shavers are the most common and most convenient. Like the previous unit, it has an active shaving system that will provide extra power when it is shaving a denser area.

Buying Guide : Acoustic Research Wireless Speakers

Acoustic Research Wireless Speakers are a product line from one of the most respected names in audio reproduction technology, the acoustic research company. Some of the reviews even suggest that acoustic research wireless speakers turns out to be the best speakers around. With nearly a hundred years of experience in producing audio products, the acoustic research may well have been the leading innovators on sound technology. There are hundreds of different wireless speakers available in the market, If you are looking for good quality wireless speakers in india.

Acoustic research wireless speakers series AW-871:

Users that have used and experience rated this item as a best performer. The audio system respects the traditional layout of two speaker-cabinets, a woofer and a tweeter and includes the transmitter. It develops 10 watts of power per channel.
With the acoustic research wireless speakers you don’t have the hassle of the RCA speakers, for example, that needed to be tuned separately to the frequency of the transmitter.
According to the manufacturer, the acoustic research wireless speakers series AW-871 work well within a range of 300 feet from the transmitter, through walls furniture, and any other barrier. Usually the actual range stated by the manufacturer may defer from the actual fact, but with acoustic research wireless speakers, there’s no need to. At wish, you can use them for outside parties.
The only thing missing from this acoustic research wireless speakers series AW-871 is the lack of weatherproof design that is essential should you decide to take this speaker outdoor. It cannot cope with water hazard or extreme outdoor temperature.

But overall, the acoustic research wireless speakers series AW-871  produce the best sound quality in its class.

Buying guide to wireless speakers

However, just because these speakers are light in weight, it doesn’t mean that they should give a lightweight performance. Make sure to test them first to make sure they have a long battery life before they need recharging. Don’t listen to anything manufacturers say about power consumption. BluetoothThis, of course, doesn’t require any introduction as it’s the most popular wireless technology for device connectivity. Subwoofers aren’t just for dance music and bass-heavy material. This is helpful when you’re at a party and don’t know if your phone will last the night. No. One feature that we want to look for when purchasing a portable speaker is dual USB technology. Increasing the Voltage:Sometimes you may need to increase the voltage for more powerful amplifiers. Power ratings should be in Watts (W).  Loudness should be in Decibels (dB).  Consider the distance that the manufacturer measures dB from. The latest version is Bluetooth 4.1, which offers higher throughput and greater battery efficiency. They can also play an important role in filling out the sonic spectrum for any performance. Often there’s enough juice to top off your phone without cutting your playlist short. You want to hear all the highs and lows, the bass and treble, melodies and rhythms with crystal clear lyrics. This makes the speaker compatible with both Macs and PCs. Generally if you’re going for an amplifier that puts out more than 6w, you’re going to need to increase the voltage. Also keep in mind you can have a loud speaker that sounds like crap.

NFC Another type of wireless technology for short distance communication and you will get to hear about it in some of thehigher end products. Subs also allow your main speakers to sound better, giving them valuable headroom to better reproduce the dynamics of your performance. Select Bluetooth speakers will not have any physical buttons for volume levels or track advancement and playback. An important thing to look at. USB technology also gives a wider range of other devices that it is compatible with. There are two ways of doing this: You can either:    Add another battery in series    Step up the voltage using a converterAdding extra batteries/cells:This is the ideal way of doing it. The Boombotix Boombot2 hits 87dB with a high quality recorded song which is great for a room, studio or small group. The range is limited and you need to have both devices in close proximity. As with full-range speakers, subwoofers can either be active or passive. This means you’ll rely on your smartphone to control your music or audio source. I made sure to only have the highest audio quality speakers on the site, so with any option you go, you will never miss a beat. Usually, a portable speaker that has dual USB technology is compatible with MP3 players, handheld video games and Smartphone. Adding an extra battery in series doubles the voltage. Other manufacturers like Logitech and Jawbone make larger portable speaker systems that are louder, but a bit less portable. In portable wirelessspeakers, NFC simplifies device pairing over Bluetooth.

At least this is one area where you won’t have to make too many tough decisions. While it may not sound like a big deal, it could be frustrating over time to have to constantly get out your phone to pause or skip a song. The reviews metric is more of a reminder to always read reviews when they are available. This type of technology will give us options and makes the speaker more worth our money. You may even need to add 3 or 4 cells depending on the voltage you’re after. Most portable speakers have Class D amps that have a high efficiency. All you need to do is tap the device to the speaker to complete the pairing. Normally your choice of cable connectors is simply determined by the connection types on your gear. Not just for Bluetooth portable speakers, but anything you buy really. We want to make sure that we are going to get clear audio that is free of static and interference, if we purchase a portable speaker that has digital signal processing bass. Make sure your cells don’t have protection circuits on them! Bluetooth connectivity (at least 2.1)    Device compatibility. This technology is not compatible with iPhones. When you’re connecting a mixer’s outputs to multiple crossovers, then those to power amplifiers, and then those to speakers, you’ll most likely be using at least two different cable connector types. That way you can help avoid any unwanted surprises. This form of turbo bass technology not only gives our music new life, but also keeps the audio clean and clear.


Pond Pump For Your Koi Fish Pond – Great Advice

If уου’re рlаnnіng tο build a landscape аt уουr οwn yard, іt wouldn’t bе complete without аn oasis of calming effects of fish pond. Imagine coming home bushed up wіth уουr tiring day аnd уου јυѕt wanted tο sit bу уουr pond аnd breathe a sigh of relief. In order to create a beautiful garden oasis for your Koi, you may need to place some flowers and plants around or into your Koi pond. Flowers and plants are important to your water garden because not only do they add beauty, they are also significant for their biological and ecological contribution. You may also need a good quality pond pump to maintain your koi fish pond.

Generally, there are two important things you must study and consider before you buy flowers and plants for your garden: the location and the climate. There are some species of flora that do not thrive in particular conditions. Therefore, it’s ideal to conduct thorough research first before anything else. You may also gather vital information from your local dealers regarding appropriate plants and flowers for the pond. For the best quality Koi pond pumps in UK, you need to read the complete guide.

Koi Pond Water Hyacinths
The Water Hyacinths are perfect plants for those who don’t have the luxury of maintaining their foliage or are just simply lazy to do proper gardening. These water garden floras are valued for their simplicity. After all, they don’t need any specific kind of planting or soil. You just throw them directly into the water. In only a short period of time, they can be anchored down into the pond so they don’t float freely. They also serve a very excellent purpose for your pond. They can help in fighting the growth of blanket weeds and algae.

Koi Fish PondWater Hyacinths can grow and spread so fast, and soon, if let unchecked, they can take over the whole pond and yard definitely a bad sign. Sometimes they can even cross borders and find their way into your neighbor’s garden, which, in this case, is not a good thing. Water Hyacinth may be difficult to control.

Koi Pond Lotus Plants
Lotus plants, on the other hand, are ideal for a tropical water garden, where a similarly tropical living thing, like Koi, may be thriving. Lotus plants are simply adored because their flowers surpass the beauty of its rivals, with a fresh smell that accompanies every bloom.
A greenhouse setup, however, may be necessary in order for these Lotus plants to survive during colder or even winter months. They also require soil and sufficient amount of sunlight; thus they must be planted around 2 to 3 feet into the water during the warmer days, and bought indoors when cold weather sets in.

Selecting the plants for your Koi pond is going to depend quite a bit on your geographic location and the amount of work you want to invest in maintaining them. The best thing is to visit with a Koi pond dealer in your area or network with other Koi pond owners to see what kind of plants they have had the best luck in growing in your region.

Buying a Pond Pump For Koi Ponds

Pond Pumps UK 2018Pumps keep the water in your pond healthy by evenly distributing nutrients in the water to fish, plants and other aquatic life. When selecting a pond pump, water capacity in gallons should be considered. If you have two ponds interconnected with a stream or waterfall you should measure them both and add the totals together. The flow is not adjustable, however. Running water also prevents stagnation, cuts down on algae and mosquitoes, and ensures that oxygen levels are distributed throughout the pond.

  • Your pond water should be recirculated by a pump that has a flow rate large enough to recirculate all of the water at least once every two hours.
  • Doing this will avoid long terms problems associated with inadequate filter size or insufficient water turnover for the volume of the pond.
  • This is also a good choice for those with plant or aquatic life thanks to an oil free system and a rare-earth rotor magnet.
  • Water garden pumps come in a variety of types and styles, including submersible, external, magnetic drive and direct drive.
  • For example, a 300 gallon pond would require a minimum rated pump of 150 gallons per hour.

Designed to allow larger soft solids to pass through making these pumps perfect for filtration as they deliver waste straight to the filter. A ceramic shaft ensures that this pump will be reliable. Each one offers its own advantages. The above guide is only a starting point because aesthetic appeal needs to be considered as well. Also ideal for waterfalls as they rarely clog and need maintaining. Continue reading 

How to choose a right 4 slice toaster

Advances Features of 4 slice Toaster

Purchasing a 4 slice toaster requires a lot of information these days as there are different types available to take care of your varying needs. This …

Purchasing a 4 slice toaster requires a lot of information these days as there are different types available to take care of your varying needs. This helps you in getting bread slices toasted as per your expectations. You need to be careful about those products that fail to process the slices in a uniform manner. This will result in certain conditions like the slices being left unprocessed in the center. It is better that you opt for a product only after checking the available features provided. If you could search online, then it will save a lot of time for you. If you want to buy best 4 slice  toasters in india then this article will surely help you.

Toasters with Cancel Option

It is common to find a 4 slice toaster that has got a single control set. However, there are other toasters available that offer you with the facility of controlling them with two sets. This is provided so that you can improvise the standards while toasting. Choosing a toaster that furnishes you with the choice of canceling the process will be immensely helpful. This is because you can rearrange the slices so that they are toasted well in all directions. The usage of latest technology in improving the way how a toaster functions will help a lot in terms of taste and quality.

Toasters with Oven Features

Purchasing a 4 slice toaster that can function as a oven at the same time will be more beneficial for you. The best advantage you can get in this regard is that you can toast your bread slices as usual and can roast chicken at the same time. Working professionals and those who fall short of time on a regular basis can rely on these features that come in handy. But, this might prove to a hindrance for you when you want to stop the toasting procedure to change the direction of slices for better processing.

Select a Toaster Carefully

Every 4 slice toaster with unique features has got its own importance. This can be realized only at the time of their usage. You need to request for a quality test while purchasing as it is advisable so that you don’t have to face any problems later. A better decision can be made only after you compare the price of a toaster with the features it provides to you. Remember that not all toasters focus on quality. You need to pick the perfect one by checking the features and comparing them.

4 slice toaster guide

though most of them are not aware that there are different types of commercial toaster with various features that are readily offered at the market.As your artisanal bread, bagel or pastry lowers gently into one of the 4 extra-wide slots.This saying is indisputably true, and that is why sometimes it is always necessary to save time if possible. However, it can be a little tricky to choose the right model amid the many brands available on the market today.Most people preferred the use of toaster when preparing bread for breakfast.This family-sized toaster features seven browning levels. Lucky for you, I’ll be reviewing five of the best 4 slice toaster and list a guide for your convenience.Perfect toast every time, with the option of 2 different browning levels simultaneously, in the touch of a button.Getting yourself a nice toaster is no hard feat, but the real question here is what kind of toaster should you get?There is a saying that time lost can never be recovered.

Its a toaster and it does its job. If you want to make a lot of toasts for multiple people, then the 4 slice toaster is a great buy. If you have kids, its a great, quick way to heat up chicken nuggets or whatever. Its wide slots are ideal for bagels and larger slices of bread. As an oven is where it really comes in handy. Thus it is important that everyone including you should see toaster reviews for better understanding of its features through researching when they want to buy toaster.you’ll experience engineered performance that excites on a human level. There is a crumb tray in the bottom that is easy to pull out and clean.Nothing makes breakfast complete like a nice batch of perfectly toasted bread. Customer feedback led us to develop innovative “A Bit More” and “Lift and Look” features that set us apart.Having the best 4 slice toaster is quite an advantage because if you have one, you can do double the work you will do with a 2-slice toaster.You can stick two slices of pizza in there and heat them up quickly. When it comes to toasting bread, you can never go wrong with getting a reliable toaster.

Kitchen Gadgets & Utensils

Cooking can become a pleasure for you and your dishes can be masterpieces if you use the right kitchen tools and accessories. Whether you cook delicious dinner or just quick breakfast cooking utensils will add convenience and save your time. It is quickly and easy to make an omelet with a whisk and enjoy your morning tea or coffee using coffee and tea accessories.

You will spend less time cooking for many guests if you use different cooking utensils and gadgets like meat grinders, pasta makers, herb and spice mills, different kinds of knives and spoons and everything to make each dish perfect.

If you like to invite friends for barbecue try our barbecue tools. All kinds of skewers, tongs and grill brushes are to turn each minute of your barbecue party into pure pleasure. By the way thermometers and timers will let you know when meat is ready and safe to eat.

Kitchen gadgets and utensils are invented to make your life not only easier but also healthier. Fresh salads will be always on your table if special salad tools and spinners are at your hand.

You may have healthy diet and slim figure due to kitchen utensils and gadgets. Graters, peelers and slicers will inspire you to make nice vegetable or fruit salads.

There are also wine and bar tools for those who like well organized parties. Corkscrews for your wine, ice buckets and tong holders for your cocktails will let you forget about small organization points.

Here you can find any cooking utensils and accessories following the price or brand you like.

Kitchen utensils do not take a good deal of room but can be really useful for ones who like cooking and trying new recipes. You can enjoy cooking as well as eating, care about your health and stay slim, spoil your family and guests with divine dinners and spend little time doing all that choosing the right kitchen utensils and gadgets.

Microwave oven

Sourcing microwave oven parts can present a challenge. The good news is that with the resources available online it is usually not a problem locating the exact part you require. For the homeowner attempting to repair their microwave oven the larger challenge is determining which part needs to be replaced prior to submitting the order. Below we have included some general guidelines that may be helpful in troubleshooting the problem. Some repairs to microwave ovens should only be performed by a certified technician, especially when dealing with the electronic circuitry or associated components.

Some of the more common brands of microwaves are GE (General Electric), Sharp, KitchenAid and Maytag. While many problems are common across all brands of microwave ovens, some problems arise more frequently in certain brands and specifically with certain models within brands. If you are technically inclined you may download repair manuals for your model microwave and this will greatly enhance your ability to troubleshoot and repair the problem. There are so many top microwave ovens present in india which can satisfy your daily needs.

In my opinion some of the repairs that are cost effective and relatively easy for the homeowner to replace are parts such as door handles, latches and fuses. Not only are these parts relatively easy to repair and the parts affordable, but the dangers of attempting replacement of high voltage parts such as magnetrons, transformers and capacitors are avoided.
Of course as stated above, isolating the problem to one of the listed components would first require that a correct diagnoses was made. Nothing is more frustrating than purchasing a part and later finding that the problem has not been corrected. Often times the part cannot be returned and you are out both the time and expense for the part.

One of the first questions to be answered is if it is a wise investment to purchase a microwave replacement part compared to the price of a new microwave oven. In many cases the cost of purchasing and replacing a part is almost as much as the cost of a new microwave oven. If you have an over range unit or a built-in oven, then of course you must factor in the cost of altering the existing cabinetry, unless you can find a new unit that will fit the existing opening. With this in mind, once you have determined the part that needs to be replaced, the next step is to determine the cost of the part. A good place to start is to click on one or more of the suggested microwave replacement parts suppliers at the top of the page and determine the total parts cost, including shipping. Now you can get an idea of the cost of a new microwave oven and are in a better position to make an informed decision.


Can foam roller help in keeping your body fit and healthy?

Remaining fit and healthy is a hot topic among many young people today, especially considering the fact that more than half of us are either overweight, underweight or not healthy. Many people think remaining fit and active is a difficult and complicated procedure. There are lots of different diets, exercise and products available in the market which can help you remain healthy and strong. The healthiest way is not to lose weight quickly or doing exhaustive exercise, but light and consistent exercise and diet plan. You need to eat right food and do right exercise. And most importantly you don’t need expensive gym equipment, but a good foam roller can be enough. If you are looking for best foam roller in India, then continue reading this article.

Taking time to plan a fitness routine is very important to living a healthy lifestyle. You are sure to benefit from the following tips and information that are included in this article. They will help you establish a routine in which you will gain the fitness to keep you healthy. Physical fitness isn’t just for body builders or people who have countless hours to spend at the gym. Fitness is a state of having your body at an optimum level of health. You can do this without killing yourself at the gym or eating next to nothing. This article will show you ways that you can start being more fit today.

If you are a runner, even the way you hold your head can affect the quality of your workout. For example, most people tend to hunch forward when running uphill. By keeping your head up and focusing your vision at the top of the hill, however, you are allowing your airways to open more fully, making breathing much easier.

Reflexology And It’s Benefits

Reflexology is natural, praises, with a wonderfully simple form which completely heals. This is destroys and removes the blockade to the special technical use and restores the blood in the body the suitable circulation the region which assigns to any. Reflexology is possible to help to relieve many hygiene conditions and is suitable is all ages from the baby to the anticipated mother and from the child to the old citizen. Reflexology treats bodily all organs to pass the foot. Reflexology is possible to treat and the neck pain, the stiff joint, the constipation, before dawn thin and pale, the unstable leg, the migraine and the headache, loses sleep, is weary and the help causes the expired labor.

Perhaps other people will be beneficial to the foot massage later afterwards come after some or many conferences. When blocks from a region is removed, this in turn promotion energy free flow to a related region, and so on. It possibly demonstrates the advantage to the physical body. Takes in this kind of situation, to emotion body in order to the heart possibly stimulates the brain to enter for the choice thinking mode or the performance. Reflexology appraised occurs when the stress suggested was appraised. The stress suggestion is the demonstration adapts to the stress foot or a hand part. Adaption by visual beacon demonstration for example callousing, knobby toe or bunion.

The stress indication regards as for the sensitivity to the technical application or and the contact symbol by reflexologist realized works as the technology is the application. It deserves Reflexology has been used because the ancient time and the present starts to obtain the understanding. Looks like everybody to like having their foot and the hand is rubbed. The Reflexology conference is relaxes with extremely stimulates. The conference usually continues the about 30 minutes. Some reflexologists provides the wilfully comfort foot bath to start. Reflexology is possibly used took from has treated art. It possibly uses the balance emotion, restores the circulation in the physical body process, is aware with the increase spirit.

When the increase circulation in the brain, it possibly improves the centralism and the ability ponder. Reflexology possibly relieves loses sleep and helps to reduce the blood pressure. Reflexology (or foot region therapy) still rejected by many health industry staff members. But, this is the right and wrong eternal time treatment way and has many person of this which convinces is been in fact effective. Reflexology is the complement to the especial medical care. It should not explain takes the medical advice. Reflexologists not qualified diagnoses illness also them not to practice medicine or the treatment concrete disease.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy is also known as physiotherapy. Physiotherapy focuses on improving and maintaining functional independence and psychosocial well-being through health promotion and disease prevention. Physical therapy provides inpatient and outpatient services for individuals with physical disabilities resulting in pain, decreased strength, decreased mobility, or loss of function. The goal of physical therapy is to get a person back to the point where he or she can perform normal, everyday activities without difficulty. Occupational therapy promotes optimum health, establishes psychological and physical functional independence.

Some program include if you are overweight, a dietary plan can be created to decrease the stress of extra weight on advocating joints of the back, legs and feet. You gain foot-care advice, including choice of well-fitting shoes with shock-absorbing outer soles and sculptured insoles molded exactly to the contour of each foot. You will learn therapeutic methods to relieve discomfort and improve performance through various physical techniques and activity modifications. Physical therapy can be helpful in establishing an exercise program early in Parkinson’s disease before significant rigidity.

Choosing the right foam rollers

Foam rollers are great thing to buy to help you maintain your body fitness. It has many benefits including relief from chronic pain. If you are looking to buy the best foam rollers of 2017, then make sure you buy the one which is right for your body. Everyone should have one, or at least have regular access to one, whatever your walk of life. These come in both firm and soft densities, and they’re about half the length of the average foam roller. All factors are important however, despite which roller option you choose the success of your foam rolling really does come down to regular use and precision. Great customer service goes a long way! Top Foam Rollers 2017

  • Why? “When you want to focus on one specific area—say, your right quadriceps or the muscles under your left armpit—a regular-size foam roller can get a little unwieldy.
  • A little bit regularly will give a much better result than one big session once per week.Unfortunately a roller on its own is not enough for your tool box.
  • Reviewers rave about the level of service they received from this company.
  • Because foam rollers are such inexpensive tools with massively useful application.
  • Foam rollers with some sort of texture, such as bumpy knobs or wave-like ridges embedded in the foam, are designed to “dig in” to trigger points in the muscles, helping to release those knots quickly.
  • A few different tools will be necessary and a full breakdown can be found in our Ultimate Self Care Recovery toolbox blog post.

Types of foam rollers
foam roller typesAlong with a free eBook, they send a poster showing different ways to use the product. If you’re new to foam rolling, you might not know which roller to choose, though. If you are beginner, you probably have no idea. A foam roller can be a key part of your recovery routine, and TriggerPoint rollers are specifically adapted to offer effective compression on key muscles, and provide a simple means to massage sore and worn-out tissue. According to their money back guarantee, if you aren’t satisfied with the product, they will not only refund your money but also send you a new foam roller. They come in many different materials and sizes, and it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into. In this case, look for a softer roller that will offer more give to break your body into using the foam roller. The aim is to provide you with a do-it-yourself massaging tool, which can be used at home or at events, without any specialist training. If you’re new to using a foam roller, the best foam roller for you will be on the softer end of the extreme.

Low density vs high density foam rollers
If you feel like the one you’re currently using isn’t really doing it for you—and you’re still walking around with sore, tight muscles—that’s a sign that you may be ready for more. On the other hand, if you have used them before at the gym and are ready to make a purchase, consider what model have you been using at the gym (if you don’t know, ask an instructor). This is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a foam roller. Try a few of the simple exercises below for just a few minutes each day, and you could see a significant improvement in mobility and performance, and a reduced chance of injury during exercise. A firmness will likely give you a massage that is too intense and incredibly painful. And don’t forget, your pain tolerance plays a role.

Ideally, the denser the foam roller, the more intense is the massage. Foam roller reviews are a great way to determine the firmness of any given model. So if you think you’re able to handle a firmer roller than can ‘dig in’ or provide more direct contact, he says it’s fine to give it a try. The density of foam rollers will range from soft and squishy to stiff and firm. In addition to reading reviews, you’ll notice that foam rollers are color-coded to help users determine their level of firmness. he bump’s resilience deflects around the bones and gets closer and deeper to the source of your muscle pain or injury.

Ideal size for foam rollers
You can always scale it back if the pain is too intense. Softer, less dense foam rollers are perfect if you are just starting to foam rolling or your back muscles are extra tight As you roll on the Rumble Roller, it works like the thumbs of a massage therapist to knead and stretch your muscles. Using a foam roller, you can use your own body weight to apply controlled pressure by slowly rolling along the length of the muscle (and the myofascia) being targeted. Such actions target the multiple trigger points which help restore flexibility and brings quick relief to your muscular pain.

This encourages them to lengthen and loosen which reduces muscle soreness. The core of this roller is solid EVA which means that even if you are a heavy individual it will neither deform nor compress. The massaging motion also causes fresh oxygenated blood to be supplied, which promotes better circulation in and around the muscle cells. Foam rolling can therefore improve recovery and as fibrous adhesions are broken down, this gives the muscle and the myofascia more flexibility to run smoothly and perform, resulting in improved flexibility. Continue reading 

Why juicing is important and choosing the right juicer

Here is real life incident of how drinking juices can find you good riddance over serious diseases.  Cherie Calbom used to work for Juiceman company back in 1991. She has also earned the title of ‘juice lady’. Cherie has developed a unique passion towards making and drinking juices. Her passion for juicing is not baseless. She had chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, hypoglycemia, allergies and candidiasis in her early 20s. Cherie was confident there must be way to get rid of the long list of problems. She started going to health food stores and stared reading. Once she picked up a book by Norman Walker. The result was obvious. In another few days she bought her first juicer. She made variety of vegetable juices meant for cleansing. She continued making green juices and drinking them regularly for three months. It meant a complete change in her diet.

One morning it felt like a windfall. She felt as she had been given an entire new body with different energy level and freshness all of a sudden in the middle of the night. It is interesting to note that three months is also the lifespan of red blood cells. So in three months Cherie had renewed most of her red blood cells. You can also feel the same as Cherie, if you have an accurate juicing program. Here is a helpful Juicing program-

How much juice should you drink?

Cherie recommends a minimum of 16 ounces of juice a day. However, it is not easy to drink a full quart of juice per day. You can manage by splitting it up between morning and afternoon. Juice the produces in the morning to save time. You can store the juice in a bottle or a ball jar. Fill it up till the top so that there is no oxygen. It is always better to store the juice in a container with vacuum seal that will suck out most of the oxygen. Always make sure that you consume the juice within 24 hours. As for the pulp you can put it in your compost pit to use as manure for gardening. But pulp should also be eaten as the juice. They are rich in fiber. The help in the growth of good bacteria in the body and kills the harmful ones like yeast and pathogenic ones. You can mix the pulp with a little salt, balsamic vinegar and crushed pepper. You can also put some poached eggs and melted butter in it and eat it. You will find it quite palpable. You also need to have good juicer to make your task easy. We will be discussing more about to choose the best juicer of 2018 in India later in this article.

Drink juice according to your nutritional type

benefits of juicingMost nutritional experts will advise you to go for vegetable juices that have a key role in detoxification. But you should drink juices according to your nutritional type. For instance if you are carb type, vegetable juices are best for you. In case you are the protein type – celery, spinach, cucumber, string beans, asparagus, cauliflower are useful as they are low in potassium. Also try including dark leafy greens like kale, collards, dandelion greens. However, be a little careful as these have high potassium content.  To make the juice compatible with protein type, blend some raw fat, such as raw butter, raw cream, avocado, raw eggs, coconut butter, or freshly ground organic flax or hemp seeds.

Aim at detoxing through drinking juices-

Detoxing should be one of your aims as you drink juices. Therefore it is always recommended to have juice that is made at home and nor those canned ones available off the shelves. Wheatgrass is very helpful in this case. It detoxes your liver where lots of toxins accumulate. Remember drinking juices also reduce the fat content of your body and lots of toxins are present in the fat layers.  The antioxidants present in the juice release the toxins and render them harmless.

Here is what Cherie has to say about detoxing through juices-

“The beta carotene and other carotenes are wonderful for the liver and a wonderful part of detox. I’ve worked with a lot of people on various cleansing programs that I’ve designed and juicing is a big part of that along with nutrients and herbs to help the liver detox. I wouldn’t be without it.
I don’t like just a straight water fast… When I did an internship with a nutritional medical doctor, he had some people coming in that had done just straight water fast and had gotten into major problems because of it. So I think it’s very important to have hearty vegetable juices for cleansing or detoxing your body. People that do, even though you get symptoms (the Herxheimer reaction they call it), seem to do a whole lot better when they’ve got the fresh vegetable juices than when they don’t.”

Should you juice fast?

Juice fasting is not quite a suitable idea. It leads to muscle loss besides fat loss as well. According to Cherie, short fasts, for a couple of days do not affect the muscles, much. But if you juice fast longer than this then you may encounter a muscle loss. According to Cherie if you are juice fasting, then you should consume two quarts of juice per day. And when break your fast, do so by taking light soup or dehydrated crackers.

“There are a lot of people who like to take one day a week to give their system a rest. A nice way to do that is to do an all liquid breakfast, lunch and dinner, so you don’t feel so deprived. You’ve slept through most of it and yet, you’ve given your system a real rest and a chance to do some cleansing. Then just have a really healthy dinner the next night,” Cherie recommends.

Here are Cherie’s top pick of vegetables for juicing –

  • Dark greens like collard greens, Swiss chard and kale
  • Lemons; they are rich in vitamin C and bioflavanoids
  • Ginger root;  has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Celery
  • Cucumbers
  • Parsley; has a high content of vitamin C, bioflavanoids, iron, minerals and chlorophyll
  • Beet greens
  • Organic carrots
  • Stems of broccoli, bottoms of cauliflower, and the stems from fresh asparagus

Choosing the right juicer in India

Juicer in IndiaHaving experimented with many different types of juicers ourselves over the past 10 years, we can now give you some answers and guidance to help make your decision easier. You have a choice between single gear and twin gear masticating juicers. Triturating juicers are the workhorses of the juicing industry. Sometimes called centrifugal juicers, these types use a rapidly whirling disk to cut fruit or vegetables into tiny pieces that are then spun to separate the juice from the pulp. After all, purchasing the right juicer is a big decision and one of the most important investments you’ll ever make for your health.

  • While single auger designs are compact, upright and space saving, they aren’t the most efficient or economical machines around.
  • With dual augers they squeeze every bit of liquid out of the fiber from produce; yielding the best possible juice.
  • The juice is then strained and it flows into a cup.
  • This method works quickly but tends to produce a lot of foam which some find unappealing or feel causes oxidization of their juice.
  • On the other hand, a twin gear juicer also called as triturating juicer is expensive but it has dual gears rotating at even slower RPM thus extracting more juice and preserving even more nutritional value of the juice.

Types of juicers
Pulp comes out as dry as it can get, but triturating juicers tend to be more expensive than cheaper masticating or centrifugal ones. Some extractors, especially those that require full dismantling, can be difficult to clean. Centrifugal juicers work best for juicing carrots, apples, and other hard fruits and vegetables versus high fiber leafy greens like wheatgrass and kale. Basically, the juice produced by twin gear augers has a longer shelf life. Find out what are the top models–here.

Centrifugal juicer
In general, extractors also tend to remove more fiber from your juice than an auger model. They’re light, easy to set up and use, and easy to clean with removable dishwasher safe parts. This juicer squeezes the last drop out of anything you put inside. With these juicers, the juice is first extracted through a crushing stage and, before the pulp is ejected, it is then squeezed during a second pressing stage; resulting in more juice, and extremely dry pulp. Check whether your juicer is simple to assemble or disassemble, or better yet you can purchase a self-cleaning model. Continue reading 

Choosing toys for toddlers and balance bike

Are you attempting to conserve money on young child plaything acquisitions this year? Every moms and dad would certainly enjoy to buy all the playthings and presents that their children could possibly prefer. Yet this is not constantly economically possible. So if you needed to decide on in between all the several types of toys readily available, what are the money-saving fundamentals for your young child? Allows start by comprehending merely exactly what is taking place at this stage of your kid’s individual development.

Young children are specified as kids who are merely beginning to stroll. This normally suggests youngsters in between 1 as well as 3. This is a crucial time for social, intellectual, bodily as well as emotional advancement. So you intend to focus on those playthings which aid advance your kid in these locations.

Building Blocks are Versatile Developmental Boosters

Simple toy foundation with common numbers, sizes, colors and also sizes could give an affordable however enjoyable playtime activity. They are durable as well as last for years, make for a very minimal financial investment on your part, as well as could be utilized in a number of methods. They market fine electric motor skill advancement, size, colour and also number acknowledgment and also memory, and also self-reliance and also creativity.

A beach plaything combination of canister and shovel could be appreciated at the sandbox, the coastline or just about anywhere. This is an additional spending plan friendly option that has multiple developing perks for your young child, as well as social ones as well.

Balance bike are good for toddlers

A balance bike is great for little kids and are the perfect gift you can give to your growing child. Balance bike can help your child learn to ride bicycle without fear of injury and also is great for their health and fitness.  It is a 2 wheeled balance bike without any pedal and can be used by toddlers of 2 years age. A balance bike is better than tricycles as they are designed to be used by little kids with keeping safety in their mind. We will discuss more about how to choose the best balance bike in 2017 later in this article.

balance bike UK

Spheres Are the Perfect Low-Budget Toddler Plaything

Spheres of any shape or size verify more challenging for your youngster to control than static blocks. When your youngster adheres to the movement of the round with their eyes, it could appear like a straightforward job. However, this visual tracking in toddler’s teaches both eye-hand coordination as well as visual acuity. Your child learns to coordinate her body language with the actions and also motions of things she views.

Chasing a sphere also creates spatial understanding. Your child needs to swiftly compute exactly how far the round is, how quick it is relocating and also where her physical body is in relation to it.

Piling Cups Enhance Seriation– What Is That and Why Is It Important?

Stacking cup sets make inexpensive plaything investments. You can even just use plastic cups from your cupboard if they are stackable. Your kid’s mathematics and also science abilities acquire an early running start at development when he starts stacking in various patterns and also teams. This educates dimension partnerships, as well as the impact of gravitation on frameworks.

Stacking, whether with blocks or cups, additionally boosts your kid’s understanding of seriation. That is simply a big word for putting factors in their proper order. And having fun with inexpensive water playthings of all kinds will have your youngster laughing and laughing, while great electric motor skills, dexterity as well as coordination are all boosted.

Balance bike – what are the advantages

Balance bikes involve not only physical activity and entertainment, but also education of even the youngest children. Instead of bugging your kids to get outside and play, they will be bugging you to take them for a ride. Stopping a balance bike couldn’t be easier. There is less chance of injury. The bikes are great helpers when it comes to introducing basic traffic rules, using caution, and developing situational awareness.

balance bike benefitsKids love the independence and sense of accomplishment they get from riding a balance bike. The children naturally drag their feet to slow themselves down and come to a quick and easy stop. Without pedals, toddlers can safely use their feet to control the speed and to stop the bike. One of the biggest advantages of the balance bike method is that children as young as 2 learn to balance on their own without explanation, coaching, or unnecessary stress. Whether it’s being stopped by strangers on a walk or bombarded by kids at the park, kids quickly realize that there is something cool about riding bikes and want to be part of the action.

Every child feels in control. Some balance bikes come with hand breaks, but we haven’t needed them. They are very proud of themselves and immediately become fond of cycling. This is the most obvious reason to buy your kid a balance bike. The saddle on a balance bike is set in a very low position, so the rider can reach the floor easily with his or her feet, almost in a crouching position. Your child gains independence. Almost all kids love bikes—it’s a universal kid thing. So even if a child were to fall off a balance bike, it’s not a scary long way down. Continue reading 

Why You Need To Buy a Good Office Chair in India

Buying office chairs for a business should be an easy task but as it turns out, it can be rather confusing. With the myriad of options for fabric, back support, design, and function, it is a dizzying number of choices.

One of the first steps in selecting the right office chairs is to identify what the chair will be used for. When you identify the purpose of the chair, you can zoom in on the actual functions needed. Is it for the reception area, for the cubicle, for the computer workstation, for the telemarketer, or for the manager? Depending on the person using it, you have a pretty good idea of what the chair should be. For example, a manager might need a high back leather chair and not a secretary office chair or a office reception chair. If it is for a computer desk, you’ll want to match it up with computer desk chairs. If it is for a conference table, buying conference table chairs would be more suitable. There are many things that need to be look before you buy the best office chair in India, in this article we will be discussing what features and qualities you should look before you purchase an office chair.

What to look for when buying an office chair in India

top office chair in IndiaAs for the design, you’ll mainly need to know whether a user is expected to be sitting on the chair for many hours in a single day or less than an hour a day. This goes along with the purpose of the chair. As far as functions go, there are a couple of features you’ll want to consider. Here they are in no particular order.

Do you need the office chair to wheel around easily? For example, an office computer chair might need to wheel around to access file cabinets, papers on the main desk, or roll over to answer the telephone.

If so, what kind of chair castors would you need? Will the chair be on hard floors, carpet, wood, etc.

Do you need flexible height, back, and tilt adjustments?

Certainly, selecting a designer office chair with all the bells and whistles will be considerably more expensive as compared to a reception chair with no castors for mobility.

Lastly, beware of buying from some discount desk chair retailers. Setting up shop online is quick and low-cost. This leads to irresponsible business practices where some companies will slash prices in the bid to win sales at the cost of customer service and proper order fulfillment. Doing business with a company that is around and doing business for many years is a sure sign that they will grow along with you as your business grows from strength to strength.

The quality and comfort of your office chair affects your health and productivity. Office chair seat height should be easily adjustable. A good office chair will have support for the lower back. If you want to do wonders for your back, make sure you buy a chair with a reclining seat back. With so many options, though, picking the right one for you isn’t easy.

  • A pneumatic adjustment lever is the easiest way to do this.
  • Some of the better ones will even have an adjustable lumbar support that allows the user to fit the chair to their lower back.
  • When doing so, you can have an easier time staying comfortable while you sit in your chair.
  • This graphic from Office Chairs Unlimited can help.
  • A seat height that ranges from about 16 to 21 inches off the floor should work for most people.
  • This is important in preventing back strain that can worsen and become sciatica, a condition which can be debilitating.
  • In the long run, you will develop fewer problems if you have a reclining seat back.

Adjustability in office chair
Most of the pointers are ones we’ve noted before in our guide to ergonomically optimizing your workspace: Arm rests should keep your elbows bent 90 degrees, seat height and back rest height should be adjustable, etc. This allows the user to have his or her feet flat on the floor, with thighs horizontal and arms even with the height of the desk. Almost all office chairs have a height and arm adjustment; however, these are not the most important adjustments to look for when shopping for an office chair.

ergonomic office chair IndiaIf you sit at a computer, you will probably have your arms and hands on your keyboard. The graphic lays it all out visually so you can see what you need to look for in an office chair at a glance (or even print this out and take with you when chair shopping). You should be able to position your backrest in a way that suits your task. The seat should have enough width and depth to support any user comfortably. The best office chairs have at least five adjustments with some having up to 14 different adjustments. But, while on the phone or sitting around chatting, you will want armrests.

Lumbar support in office chair
If the backrest is attached to the seat you should be able to move it forward or backward. Usually 17-20 inches wide is the standard. It’s essential that the chair has a backrest with an appropriate size and shape, to support the lower and middle back properly without restricting arm or shoulder movements. With a couple of well-placed armrests, you can remain comfortable and not worry about where you need to put your arms. A locking mechanism that holds it in place is good so that the back does not suddenly tilt backwards.

The depth (from front to back of the seat) needs to be enough so that the user can sit with his or her back against the backrest of the ergonomic office chair while leaving approximately 2 to 4 inches between the back of the knees and the seat of the chair. The backrest should help you to maintain the natural S-shape of your spine when you’re sitting. People working on large desks need the freedom to move from one end to the other without having to stand. A backrest that is separate from the seat should be height adjustable, and you should be able to angle it to your satisfaction as well. In order to find the right office chair, you need a seat that is wide and deep enough to fit your body.

Seat depth
Tilting the backrest allows you to adopt different postures, e.g. upright, or semi-reclined. A proper office chair should have soft rubber wheels especially if your desk is on a solid surface. Most people who work at a desk all day suffer from lower back pain the most. Big and tall chairs are a great option for larger body types. When you sit on a work chair, the angle between your thighs and back should be around 95 to 105 degrees so that your abdomen and chest are open and not compressed.

Hard wheels could ruin your soft carpeted floor; use a rag to avoid damages. This is due to sitting in a chair that does not have adequate lumbar support. A shallower seat is preferable by employees who are not very tall. An ergonomic chair can easily turn into just a ‘normal’ chair if it has never been adequately adjusted for its user. Ideal office chairs should have an armrest that has the elbow on a vertical level with your forearm.

Powerful wheels of office chair
When buying a good quality office chair, you need to look for one that includes this types of support for the spine and lower back area. To test the chair, sit up straight, with your back against the backrest. So, familiarize yourself with the chair features either at the showroom or when you first set-up the chair in your workspace! This is the recommended position to reduce arm strains. Some chairs will have an adjustable lumbar support feature that will allow the user to adjust the chair to meet their own individual needs.

Office chairs 2017For maximum comfort, look for a chair that leaves 2-3 inches between the back of your knees and the seat. You are advised to go for a chair that also has adjustable armrest to suit different people of various heights. This will help to prevent back strain which will often lead to sciatica if left untreated over time. For reference, a standard seat is about 20″ in depth. Many employees complain of back pain when sitting all day at work.

This typically fits most users unless you are on the smaller or larger side. An office chair with lumbar support helps alleviate this issue, so you should seek chairs with this feature. Whether you’re looking to buy a chair for yourself or for an entire office, it can be tricky to find a chair designed to adequately accommodate the wide range of shapes and sizes people come in, or the wide range of sitting positions people use throughout the workday. Some designs even have adjustable support, allowing your employees to fit the chair comfortably to their bodies. The truth is there is no ‘best’ chair that will perfectly suit everyone, but there are some features that you should look for in order to help you find the best chair for your office. Additionally, you can find models with firmness control that make the lumbar support sturdier or softer. Continue reading 

Improving battery life of iPhone and choosing power bank

The biggest bottleneck in the iPhone (or any smartphone for that matter) is the ever worsening battery life. While computing is a rapidly growing area, battery technology has seldom improved at all in the last decade or so, and is now struggling to provide adequate power for the hungry components that are in the latest iPhones and other smartphones. Today we have power banks that can be used to charge your mobile phones and tablets while you are away from home and office. You still need to know how to efficiently use our smartphones and how to save battery life so that it can be used for longer duration. We will be discussing about top power banks that can bought in India and how to choose the right power bank for your smartphone later in this article.

Is your iPhone’s battery life actually bad?

iphone battery improvementWhen most people compare the battery life of a smartphone (an iPhone, Android, Blackberry etc) to that of a feature phone, they find the feature phone to have a much better battery life; going for days or even weeks without being charged, while their smartphone counterparts can barely make it through the day on a single charge. But while smartphones consume more power (bigger screen, higher pixel density, faster & more powerful processor etc) they also have much larger and more high quality batteries to counter it.

The reason why smartphones often appear to have poor battery life is because we basically use them as computers. We tend to use smartphones much more than we do ordinary phones, which gives the impression that the battery doesn’t last as long. So consider this before you read on…

Turn Down Screen Brightness

Screen brightness is probably the single most important factor when it comes to saving battery life on your iPhone. For best economy/performance ratio over a wide range of environments your iPhone’s brightness should be set at about 50%. [Note: If your iPhone is jailbroken this tweak will make adjusting the brightness easier]. You should also turn on the ‘auto-brightness’ switch, which is located beneath the brightness slider in the preferences app. Auto-brightness will dim the display when it’s dark so it’ll be easier on your eyes (and save power) and will brighten it when it’s light so you’ll be able to see the screen easier.

Turn off Bluetooth

Bluetooth sucks quite a lot of power, so turning it off when not in use is well worth it. Besides, bluetooth on the iPhone isn’t all that useful anyway. Due to Apple’s walled garden you cannot send/receive photos/videos/music via bluetooth like you can with most other bluetooth enabled devices – So unless you regularly use a bluetooth wireless headset you will likely never use it. To turn bluetooth off to to the preferences app, go into the general section then go into the bluetooth section.

Turn off WiFi when not connected to a network

Turning off WiFi when your not connected to a network (ie: when you leave your house) saves a significant amount of battery life, however most people either won’t remember or can’t be bothered turning WiFi off whenever they leave the house. It is worth keeping in mind though, for times when you know you’re not going to have access to WiFi for several days or more. When you’re on a road trip you won’t won’t your iPhone wasting battery life by attempting to connect to every Internet Cafe you drive past, will you?

Turn off Fetch Email

Fetch email pretty much checks for emails periodically, just like your desktop email client checks for emails. While it’s great to not have to worry about checking emails, fetch email drains battery life (and cellular data when your not on WiFi). If you’re not willing to disable fetch email completely, you could turn down the intervals at which is checks, so instead of checking every five minutes it checks every hour for example.

Poor Reception = Poor Battery Life

Poor or choppy cellular reception takes a huge toll on the battery life of mobile phones, and iPhones are no exception. In many cases there is not much you can do about poor reception, however if you live in an area that has consistently poor reception you should seriously consider moving to a different carrier or purchasing a signal booster. It will make worlds of difference. Oh, and be sure to turn your iPhone off or switch it into airplane mode when your on a plane, because if you don’t the phone will use much energy searching for a network that it can’t reach.

Download all Software Updates

There can be bugs in the software of your iPhone that cause excessive battery drain and heat – These bugs usually occur just after a new phone model or major operating system has been released. Downloading all the software updates for your iPhone as soon as they come out will fix bugs which may fix battery life issues. If you are suffering from terrible battery life and heat issues on your iPhone it’s likely that it’s just a bug in the operating system.

Keep your iPhone out of the Heat

Being sensitive to excessive heat, the iPhone’s Lithium Ion battery will discharge faster when exposed to temperatures above around 45C – And if exposed to these temperatures for extended periods of time, could even reduce the capacity of the battery. Therefore you should keep your iPhone out of direct sunlight, parked cars and hot appliances.

Calibrate your iPhone’s Battery

While calibrating your iPhone’s battery is unlikely to technically increase its battery life, it will make the battery meter more accurate. This may make the battery life of your iPhone seem longer because the battery won’t run down real fast then stay on 1% for ages. Rather, it will run down slower so the battery will be flat on exactly 1%.


Choosing a power bank for your iPhone

power bank in India for IphoneThere are many types of power banks available in India and they differ in features, size, type and price. If you are looking for a great power bank for your iPhone then you must read this guide. You might assume all power banks are much the same thing, but you would be wrong. Capacity, shown as a milliamp hour (mAh) figure, is a rough indication of the charging capabilities – the higher the number, the more power it can deliver to your device before the power bank also runs out of juice. The main spec to look out for in a portable battery pack is capacity, which is measured in milliampere-hour (mAh). The capacity of your device’s battery is also measured in mAh, so loosely speaking, if your phone has a 2,000mAh battery, a 2,000mAh battery pack is able to recharge it fully once. Ensure that you buy from a reputed brand. You can get compact power banks that will charge your phone once, slightly larger portable chargers that might offer two or three charges, or high-capacity banks that can charge your phone in excess of 10 times. Continue reading