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Complete Buying Guide To Electric Shavers

So what’s the deal with the Philips Norelco SensoTouch 1280x?

Why would anyone spend the big bucks for this electric shaver?

Well for starters, it must be pretty good if 110 of the 163 people who bothered to write a review on Amazon, gave it 5 stars.  The fact that 110 people were motivated to share how much they liked the Philips Norelco 1280x is pretty impressive in itself. There are so many electric shavers available in the stores, Choosing the best and top electric shavers in india is really a frustrating task.

So what did everyone like about it?  Here’s what one customer listed as the best features:

  • Gives a great shave
  • Very quiet
  •  Charges quickly
  • Alot less irritation than previous razors. I think the fact that the heads move to the contour of your face has alot to do with that.
  • Alot easier to hold
  • Looks stylish, alot slimmer than previous models

Another customer who has used Philips Norelco shavers in the past says he always experience skin irritation after shaving.  However, he goes on to say this is the first shaver where that irritation does not occur.  He is thrilled that he can finally reap the benefits of a quick shaving without the downside of razor burn.  For him, springing the extra cash for the 1280x was definitely worth it.

Shaun, an adventurous customer, decided to put the Philips Norelco SensoTouch to the test.  He shaved half his face wet and the other half dry to see if he got a close shave no matter what.  Shaun says the dry side was very smooth and very quick although he did have to go over each area a few times.  However, Shaun’s face was irritated when he used the 1280x on the wet side of his face.  He definitely recommends going gel free and shaving on dry skin.

How Does the Philips Norelco 1280x Compare to the Competition

When compared to the Braun line of electric shavers, the Philips Norelco 1280x comes out on top.  Most reviewers point out that the Norelco is quieter and quicker to use than the Braun’s that they have used in the past.

Most men have found that the shaver is very easy to clean up on a fairly regular basis.  Most report that they don’t take the time to clean it every day but instead do it every few days.  In addition, the general consensus is that you don’t need to that Jet Clean system.  The majority of reviewers just use water to clean out the shaving heads.

It should be noted that the Jet Clean system lubricates as well is it is a good idea to use it some of the time.  I f not using the Jet Clean system, then use a water and alcohol blend and add a drop of mineral oil.  That should keep your shaver in good working order for the long term.

For those reviewers that gave the 1280x a bad review – 2 common issues were mentioned.  One is that the razor was defective.  If that is the case, be sure to return it for a full refund or for a full replacement.  Some times shavers come from the factory and are damaged during shipping.

The other common reason some men didn’t like the shaver was due to skin sensitivity.  While most men said that the shaver was actually gentler on their skin than other shavers or razors, some men did actually experience greater irritation.  Not everyone has the same skin type, so it is to be expected that some guys have a bad experience with an electric model.  Generally you should give your face about 3 weeks to get used to the shaver but if after that you still experience discomfort, return the shaver and get your money back.  It doesn’t mean its a bad product, its just not the right one for every one.

How to choose best Electric shavers ?

The blades used in them are far durable than disposable razors, and any parts that may require replacement can be found easily, without spending too much. There are certain models that have floating heads as well, which make it possible for you to adjust their shape as per your face, making it easier to shave on the tricky spots. You can use them with shaving gel or foam for a closer shave and more protection for sensitive skin. For the battery charging type, you’ll have a bit of overall versatility, but ensure that you’ll be able to charge the device readily and that it can keep a charge when you need a shave. The name “foil” directly refers to a very thin layer of metallic mesh that rests above the blades of the shaver. Choosing a beard trimmer with several different attachments gives you a variety of styling options and makes it possible to most efficiently trim various areas of the face, such as the chin. We will give you faithful advice where you can trust. Foil shavers use a metallic foil like screen that shields the skin from the blades below. Questions to be Answered for Finding the Right Electric Shaver. The advantages of using a rotary blade shaver include. Many can be used in the shower.

Another great foil unit, this product does a great job at providing a close shave without excess irritation. This metal actually provides some protection for sensitive skin, but like rotary units, you should clean your foil shaver consistently to avoid the formation of acne. Angled attachments are particularly useful for blending areas of the face containing different lengths of hair, such as the cheeks and sideburns. All modern day electric shavers are designed and manufactured with latest technology to add features to give the best shaving experience to the men of today’s age. The slits in the foil work to grab and lift the hair allowing the blades to then do their job. There are two types of electric shavers:Foil heads: A number of fine, angled blades move quickly from side-to-side, partially pulling whiskers through the holes in a very thin foil (metal) screen before cutting them. These are useful for shaving longer hair. Cordless shavers are the most common and most convenient. Like the previous unit, it has an active shaving system that will provide extra power when it is shaving a denser area.

Buying Guide : Acoustic Research Wireless Speakers

Acoustic Research Wireless Speakers are a product line from one of the most respected names in audio reproduction technology, the acoustic research company. Some of the reviews even suggest that acoustic research wireless speakers turns out to be the best speakers around. With nearly a hundred years of experience in producing audio products, the acoustic research may well have been the leading innovators on sound technology. There are hundreds of different wireless speakers available in the market, If you are looking for good quality wireless speakers in india.

Acoustic research wireless speakers series AW-871:

Users that have used and experience rated this item as a best performer. The audio system respects the traditional layout of two speaker-cabinets, a woofer and a tweeter and includes the transmitter. It develops 10 watts of power per channel.
With the acoustic research wireless speakers you don’t have the hassle of the RCA speakers, for example, that needed to be tuned separately to the frequency of the transmitter.
According to the manufacturer, the acoustic research wireless speakers series AW-871 work well within a range of 300 feet from the transmitter, through walls furniture, and any other barrier. Usually the actual range stated by the manufacturer may defer from the actual fact, but with acoustic research wireless speakers, there’s no need to. At wish, you can use them for outside parties.
The only thing missing from this acoustic research wireless speakers series AW-871 is the lack of weatherproof design that is essential should you decide to take this speaker outdoor. It cannot cope with water hazard or extreme outdoor temperature.

But overall, the acoustic research wireless speakers series AW-871  produce the best sound quality in its class.

Buying guide to wireless speakers

However, just because these speakers are light in weight, it doesn’t mean that they should give a lightweight performance. Make sure to test them first to make sure they have a long battery life before they need recharging. Don’t listen to anything manufacturers say about power consumption. BluetoothThis, of course, doesn’t require any introduction as it’s the most popular wireless technology for device connectivity. Subwoofers aren’t just for dance music and bass-heavy material. This is helpful when you’re at a party and don’t know if your phone will last the night. No. One feature that we want to look for when purchasing a portable speaker is dual USB technology. Increasing the Voltage:Sometimes you may need to increase the voltage for more powerful amplifiers. Power ratings should be in Watts (W).  Loudness should be in Decibels (dB).  Consider the distance that the manufacturer measures dB from. The latest version is Bluetooth 4.1, which offers higher throughput and greater battery efficiency. They can also play an important role in filling out the sonic spectrum for any performance. Often there’s enough juice to top off your phone without cutting your playlist short. You want to hear all the highs and lows, the bass and treble, melodies and rhythms with crystal clear lyrics. This makes the speaker compatible with both Macs and PCs. Generally if you’re going for an amplifier that puts out more than 6w, you’re going to need to increase the voltage. Also keep in mind you can have a loud speaker that sounds like crap.

NFC Another type of wireless technology for short distance communication and you will get to hear about it in some of thehigher end products. Subs also allow your main speakers to sound better, giving them valuable headroom to better reproduce the dynamics of your performance. Select Bluetooth speakers will not have any physical buttons for volume levels or track advancement and playback. An important thing to look at. USB technology also gives a wider range of other devices that it is compatible with. There are two ways of doing this: You can either:    Add another battery in series    Step up the voltage using a converterAdding extra batteries/cells:This is the ideal way of doing it. The Boombotix Boombot2 hits 87dB with a high quality recorded song which is great for a room, studio or small group. The range is limited and you need to have both devices in close proximity. As with full-range speakers, subwoofers can either be active or passive. This means you’ll rely on your smartphone to control your music or audio source. I made sure to only have the highest audio quality speakers on the site, so with any option you go, you will never miss a beat. Usually, a portable speaker that has dual USB technology is compatible with MP3 players, handheld video games and Smartphone. Adding an extra battery in series doubles the voltage. Other manufacturers like Logitech and Jawbone make larger portable speaker systems that are louder, but a bit less portable. In portable wirelessspeakers, NFC simplifies device pairing over Bluetooth.

At least this is one area where you won’t have to make too many tough decisions. While it may not sound like a big deal, it could be frustrating over time to have to constantly get out your phone to pause or skip a song. The reviews metric is more of a reminder to always read reviews when they are available. This type of technology will give us options and makes the speaker more worth our money. You may even need to add 3 or 4 cells depending on the voltage you’re after. Most portable speakers have Class D amps that have a high efficiency. All you need to do is tap the device to the speaker to complete the pairing. Normally your choice of cable connectors is simply determined by the connection types on your gear. Not just for Bluetooth portable speakers, but anything you buy really. We want to make sure that we are going to get clear audio that is free of static and interference, if we purchase a portable speaker that has digital signal processing bass. Make sure your cells don’t have protection circuits on them! Bluetooth connectivity (at least 2.1)    Device compatibility. This technology is not compatible with iPhones. When you’re connecting a mixer’s outputs to multiple crossovers, then those to power amplifiers, and then those to speakers, you’ll most likely be using at least two different cable connector types. That way you can help avoid any unwanted surprises. This form of turbo bass technology not only gives our music new life, but also keeps the audio clean and clear.