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Is Treating Chronic Pain With TENS Machine in UK Effective?

Back pain is a very common problem in UK. It is estimated that more than 60 percent people living in United Kingdom experience some type of back pain in their lives. Chronic back and neck pain not only causes distress but also one of the reason that people miss their work is one of the leading sources for workman’s compensation claims. There are many therapies that helps in reducing the chronic back pain and that includes heat therapy, inversion therapy and newly invented TENS. We will be discussing in details about TENS and how you can choose best TENS unit in UK later in this article.

Any cure to the common condition of pain is directly related to the determination of its cause, though the causes seem to be numerous. Any person suffering from back and neck pain would not refrain to pray, to cure him of the pain and misery. It is quite understandable that people who suffer from sciatica pain constantly, and are unable to move or get on with their normal activities should be very anxious to clutch at any treatment that promises to relieve them of their pain and suffering. The most common type comes from straining one’s lower back muscles and ligaments,from either straining to lift a heavy object, from a fall or awkward movement or a back spasm.Back pain is also caused by poor posture, a sedentary lifesyle, and/or sitting on a soft sofa or chair for long periods of time.

Inversion Therapy For Back Pain

back painInversion therapy could be a therapeutic intervention, principally practiced for treatment of back pain. Beneath this therapy, the patient hangs upside down or in an inverted position (against gravity). The degree of the inversion angle depends upon the approach for undergoing the therapy and the health condition of the patient.

Inversion therapy advantages are mainly stressed on correcting the issues of the spinal column, which occur because of injury, dislocations and aging. The therapist could suggest appropriate inversion therapy exercises for overcoming pain in the back. Browse a lot of on back pain relief.

Inversion Therapy Advantages

Inversion therapy for back pain could be a popularly discussed topic. As per the proponents, it is effective in decompressing the spine and relaxing muscles and ligaments. Special equipment called inversion tables and gravity boots are used for performing inversion therapy. The former permits inverting at variable angles, while the latter is supposed for a right away the wrong way up position. Hence, the benefits of inversion tables and gravity boots depend upon the approach for that you’re using the equipment. Some of the inversion therapy advantages include:

1)  Decompress Spine – When speaking concerning inversion therapy for a spine drawback, it helps to decompress the spine and relieves pain by reducing pressure on the nerves and spinal discs.
2) Correct Body Posture – Inversion therapy aids in reversing the process of aging in the spine. As it realigns the spinal column to its original form, it aids in maintaining body posture.
3) Increase Flexibility – It’s quite obvious that after decompression of the spine and relieving pain, the flexibleness and body movement is increased to a sure extent.
4) Promote Blood Circulation – Undergoing regular sessions of inversion therapy promotes blood circulation to the upper organs, so increasing oxygen and nutrient provide to these body parts. This indirectly helps in quick healing of the inflamed and injured tissue.
5) Improve Lymphatic System – Inversion therapy improves the lymphatic system and promotes higher circulation of the essential nutrients to the body organs. This in turn helps in body detoxification and proper coordination of the body metabolic processes.
6) Eliminate Constipation – The inversion therapy edges conjointly embrace simple bowel movements and relieving constipation. Because the body remains the other way up, the pressure of a arduous stool is decreased, permitting straightforward passage.
7)  Relieve Stress – The proponents of inversion therapy are of the opinion that it helps in proper stress management. However, guarantee that you just follow the therapist’s advice for a suitable position.

Inversion Therapy Risks

The therapeutic benefits of inversion therapy is controversial. Specifically, this therapy isn’t applicable for patients who have back pain along with other medical conditions. Dangers of inversion therapy embody blood infusion in the head portion. Considering this, folks with high blood pressure, heart problems, glaucoma and eye diseases ought to ask for advice from their concerned physician prior to indulging in inversion therapy. Conjointly, pregnant girls ought to refrain from this kind of therapy, as it will cause sure complications, both for the mother and therefore the baby.

TENS Machine For Back Pain

TENS, EMS and IFC pain relief units use electrical frequencies to help relieve several types of pain, without drugs or harmful side effects. Over time, they have been shown to actually reverse some pain problems. They’ve been used for years by medical doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and other health professionals. If you have back pain, shoulder pain, arm and wrist pain, ankle pain, leg pain or neck pain, a TENS, EMS or IFC unit may help relieve that pain and stress without heavy duty painkillers or over the counter pain medications. If you can avoid taking painkillers, you’ll feel better, avoid becoming dependent, and your body won’t grow used to the pills, making them ineffective if you really need them later. Continue reading 

Can foam roller help in keeping your body fit and healthy?

Remaining fit and healthy is a hot topic among many young people today, especially considering the fact that more than half of us are either overweight, underweight or not healthy. Many people think remaining fit and active is a difficult and complicated procedure. There are lots of different diets, exercise and products available in the market which can help you remain healthy and strong. The healthiest way is not to lose weight quickly or doing exhaustive exercise, but light and consistent exercise and diet plan. You need to eat right food and do right exercise. And most importantly you don’t need expensive gym equipment, but a good foam roller can be enough. If you are looking for best foam roller in India, then continue reading this article.

Taking time to plan a fitness routine is very important to living a healthy lifestyle. You are sure to benefit from the following tips and information that are included in this article. They will help you establish a routine in which you will gain the fitness to keep you healthy. Physical fitness isn’t just for body builders or people who have countless hours to spend at the gym. Fitness is a state of having your body at an optimum level of health. You can do this without killing yourself at the gym or eating next to nothing. This article will show you ways that you can start being more fit today.

If you are a runner, even the way you hold your head can affect the quality of your workout. For example, most people tend to hunch forward when running uphill. By keeping your head up and focusing your vision at the top of the hill, however, you are allowing your airways to open more fully, making breathing much easier.

Reflexology And It’s Benefits

Reflexology is natural, praises, with a wonderfully simple form which completely heals. This is destroys and removes the blockade to the special technical use and restores the blood in the body the suitable circulation the region which assigns to any. Reflexology is possible to help to relieve many hygiene conditions and is suitable is all ages from the baby to the anticipated mother and from the child to the old citizen. Reflexology treats bodily all organs to pass the foot. Reflexology is possible to treat and the neck pain, the stiff joint, the constipation, before dawn thin and pale, the unstable leg, the migraine and the headache, loses sleep, is weary and the help causes the expired labor.

Perhaps other people will be beneficial to the foot massage later afterwards come after some or many conferences. When blocks from a region is removed, this in turn promotion energy free flow to a related region, and so on. It possibly demonstrates the advantage to the physical body. Takes in this kind of situation, to emotion body in order to the heart possibly stimulates the brain to enter for the choice thinking mode or the performance. Reflexology appraised occurs when the stress suggested was appraised. The stress suggestion is the demonstration adapts to the stress foot or a hand part. Adaption by visual beacon demonstration for example callousing, knobby toe or bunion.

The stress indication regards as for the sensitivity to the technical application or and the contact symbol by reflexologist realized works as the technology is the application. It deserves Reflexology has been used because the ancient time and the present starts to obtain the understanding. Looks like everybody to like having their foot and the hand is rubbed. The Reflexology conference is relaxes with extremely stimulates. The conference usually continues the about 30 minutes. Some reflexologists provides the wilfully comfort foot bath to start. Reflexology is possibly used took from has treated art. It possibly uses the balance emotion, restores the circulation in the physical body process, is aware with the increase spirit.

When the increase circulation in the brain, it possibly improves the centralism and the ability ponder. Reflexology possibly relieves loses sleep and helps to reduce the blood pressure. Reflexology (or foot region therapy) still rejected by many health industry staff members. But, this is the right and wrong eternal time treatment way and has many person of this which convinces is been in fact effective. Reflexology is the complement to the especial medical care. It should not explain takes the medical advice. Reflexologists not qualified diagnoses illness also them not to practice medicine or the treatment concrete disease.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy is also known as physiotherapy. Physiotherapy focuses on improving and maintaining functional independence and psychosocial well-being through health promotion and disease prevention. Physical therapy provides inpatient and outpatient services for individuals with physical disabilities resulting in pain, decreased strength, decreased mobility, or loss of function. The goal of physical therapy is to get a person back to the point where he or she can perform normal, everyday activities without difficulty. Occupational therapy promotes optimum health, establishes psychological and physical functional independence.

Some program include if you are overweight, a dietary plan can be created to decrease the stress of extra weight on advocating joints of the back, legs and feet. You gain foot-care advice, including choice of well-fitting shoes with shock-absorbing outer soles and sculptured insoles molded exactly to the contour of each foot. You will learn therapeutic methods to relieve discomfort and improve performance through various physical techniques and activity modifications. Physical therapy can be helpful in establishing an exercise program early in Parkinson’s disease before significant rigidity.

Choosing the right foam rollers

Foam rollers are great thing to buy to help you maintain your body fitness. It has many benefits including relief from chronic pain. If you are looking to buy the best foam rollers of 2017, then make sure you buy the one which is right for your body. Everyone should have one, or at least have regular access to one, whatever your walk of life. These come in both firm and soft densities, and they’re about half the length of the average foam roller. All factors are important however, despite which roller option you choose the success of your foam rolling really does come down to regular use and precision. Great customer service goes a long way! Top Foam Rollers 2017

  • Why? “When you want to focus on one specific area—say, your right quadriceps or the muscles under your left armpit—a regular-size foam roller can get a little unwieldy.
  • A little bit regularly will give a much better result than one big session once per week.Unfortunately a roller on its own is not enough for your tool box.
  • Reviewers rave about the level of service they received from this company.
  • Because foam rollers are such inexpensive tools with massively useful application.
  • Foam rollers with some sort of texture, such as bumpy knobs or wave-like ridges embedded in the foam, are designed to “dig in” to trigger points in the muscles, helping to release those knots quickly.
  • A few different tools will be necessary and a full breakdown can be found in our Ultimate Self Care Recovery toolbox blog post.

Types of foam rollers
foam roller typesAlong with a free eBook, they send a poster showing different ways to use the product. If you’re new to foam rolling, you might not know which roller to choose, though. If you are beginner, you probably have no idea. A foam roller can be a key part of your recovery routine, and TriggerPoint rollers are specifically adapted to offer effective compression on key muscles, and provide a simple means to massage sore and worn-out tissue. According to their money back guarantee, if you aren’t satisfied with the product, they will not only refund your money but also send you a new foam roller. They come in many different materials and sizes, and it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into. In this case, look for a softer roller that will offer more give to break your body into using the foam roller. The aim is to provide you with a do-it-yourself massaging tool, which can be used at home or at events, without any specialist training. If you’re new to using a foam roller, the best foam roller for you will be on the softer end of the extreme.

Low density vs high density foam rollers
If you feel like the one you’re currently using isn’t really doing it for you—and you’re still walking around with sore, tight muscles—that’s a sign that you may be ready for more. On the other hand, if you have used them before at the gym and are ready to make a purchase, consider what model have you been using at the gym (if you don’t know, ask an instructor). This is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a foam roller. Try a few of the simple exercises below for just a few minutes each day, and you could see a significant improvement in mobility and performance, and a reduced chance of injury during exercise. A firmness will likely give you a massage that is too intense and incredibly painful. And don’t forget, your pain tolerance plays a role.

Ideally, the denser the foam roller, the more intense is the massage. Foam roller reviews are a great way to determine the firmness of any given model. So if you think you’re able to handle a firmer roller than can ‘dig in’ or provide more direct contact, he says it’s fine to give it a try. The density of foam rollers will range from soft and squishy to stiff and firm. In addition to reading reviews, you’ll notice that foam rollers are color-coded to help users determine their level of firmness. he bump’s resilience deflects around the bones and gets closer and deeper to the source of your muscle pain or injury.

Ideal size for foam rollers
You can always scale it back if the pain is too intense. Softer, less dense foam rollers are perfect if you are just starting to foam rolling or your back muscles are extra tight As you roll on the Rumble Roller, it works like the thumbs of a massage therapist to knead and stretch your muscles. Using a foam roller, you can use your own body weight to apply controlled pressure by slowly rolling along the length of the muscle (and the myofascia) being targeted. Such actions target the multiple trigger points which help restore flexibility and brings quick relief to your muscular pain.

This encourages them to lengthen and loosen which reduces muscle soreness. The core of this roller is solid EVA which means that even if you are a heavy individual it will neither deform nor compress. The massaging motion also causes fresh oxygenated blood to be supplied, which promotes better circulation in and around the muscle cells. Foam rolling can therefore improve recovery and as fibrous adhesions are broken down, this gives the muscle and the myofascia more flexibility to run smoothly and perform, resulting in improved flexibility. Continue reading 

Why juicing is important and choosing the right juicer

Here is real life incident of how drinking juices can find you good riddance over serious diseases.  Cherie Calbom used to work for Juiceman company back in 1991. She has also earned the title of ‘juice lady’. Cherie has developed a unique passion towards making and drinking juices. Her passion for juicing is not baseless. She had chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, hypoglycemia, allergies and candidiasis in her early 20s. Cherie was confident there must be way to get rid of the long list of problems. She started going to health food stores and stared reading. Once she picked up a book by Norman Walker. The result was obvious. In another few days she bought her first juicer. She made variety of vegetable juices meant for cleansing. She continued making green juices and drinking them regularly for three months. It meant a complete change in her diet.

One morning it felt like a windfall. She felt as she had been given an entire new body with different energy level and freshness all of a sudden in the middle of the night. It is interesting to note that three months is also the lifespan of red blood cells. So in three months Cherie had renewed most of her red blood cells. You can also feel the same as Cherie, if you have an accurate juicing program. Here is a helpful Juicing program-

How much juice should you drink?

Cherie recommends a minimum of 16 ounces of juice a day. However, it is not easy to drink a full quart of juice per day. You can manage by splitting it up between morning and afternoon. Juice the produces in the morning to save time. You can store the juice in a bottle or a ball jar. Fill it up till the top so that there is no oxygen. It is always better to store the juice in a container with vacuum seal that will suck out most of the oxygen. Always make sure that you consume the juice within 24 hours. As for the pulp you can put it in your compost pit to use as manure for gardening. But pulp should also be eaten as the juice. They are rich in fiber. The help in the growth of good bacteria in the body and kills the harmful ones like yeast and pathogenic ones. You can mix the pulp with a little salt, balsamic vinegar and crushed pepper. You can also put some poached eggs and melted butter in it and eat it. You will find it quite palpable. You also need to have good juicer to make your task easy. We will be discussing more about to choose the best juicer of 2018 in India later in this article.

Drink juice according to your nutritional type

benefits of juicingMost nutritional experts will advise you to go for vegetable juices that have a key role in detoxification. But you should drink juices according to your nutritional type. For instance if you are carb type, vegetable juices are best for you. In case you are the protein type – celery, spinach, cucumber, string beans, asparagus, cauliflower are useful as they are low in potassium. Also try including dark leafy greens like kale, collards, dandelion greens. However, be a little careful as these have high potassium content.  To make the juice compatible with protein type, blend some raw fat, such as raw butter, raw cream, avocado, raw eggs, coconut butter, or freshly ground organic flax or hemp seeds.

Aim at detoxing through drinking juices-

Detoxing should be one of your aims as you drink juices. Therefore it is always recommended to have juice that is made at home and nor those canned ones available off the shelves. Wheatgrass is very helpful in this case. It detoxes your liver where lots of toxins accumulate. Remember drinking juices also reduce the fat content of your body and lots of toxins are present in the fat layers.  The antioxidants present in the juice release the toxins and render them harmless.

Here is what Cherie has to say about detoxing through juices-

“The beta carotene and other carotenes are wonderful for the liver and a wonderful part of detox. I’ve worked with a lot of people on various cleansing programs that I’ve designed and juicing is a big part of that along with nutrients and herbs to help the liver detox. I wouldn’t be without it.
I don’t like just a straight water fast… When I did an internship with a nutritional medical doctor, he had some people coming in that had done just straight water fast and had gotten into major problems because of it. So I think it’s very important to have hearty vegetable juices for cleansing or detoxing your body. People that do, even though you get symptoms (the Herxheimer reaction they call it), seem to do a whole lot better when they’ve got the fresh vegetable juices than when they don’t.”

Should you juice fast?

Juice fasting is not quite a suitable idea. It leads to muscle loss besides fat loss as well. According to Cherie, short fasts, for a couple of days do not affect the muscles, much. But if you juice fast longer than this then you may encounter a muscle loss. According to Cherie if you are juice fasting, then you should consume two quarts of juice per day. And when break your fast, do so by taking light soup or dehydrated crackers.

“There are a lot of people who like to take one day a week to give their system a rest. A nice way to do that is to do an all liquid breakfast, lunch and dinner, so you don’t feel so deprived. You’ve slept through most of it and yet, you’ve given your system a real rest and a chance to do some cleansing. Then just have a really healthy dinner the next night,” Cherie recommends.

Here are Cherie’s top pick of vegetables for juicing –

  • Dark greens like collard greens, Swiss chard and kale
  • Lemons; they are rich in vitamin C and bioflavanoids
  • Ginger root;  has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Celery
  • Cucumbers
  • Parsley; has a high content of vitamin C, bioflavanoids, iron, minerals and chlorophyll
  • Beet greens
  • Organic carrots
  • Stems of broccoli, bottoms of cauliflower, and the stems from fresh asparagus

Choosing the right juicer in India

Juicer in IndiaHaving experimented with many different types of juicers ourselves over the past 10 years, we can now give you some answers and guidance to help make your decision easier. You have a choice between single gear and twin gear masticating juicers. Triturating juicers are the workhorses of the juicing industry. Sometimes called centrifugal juicers, these types use a rapidly whirling disk to cut fruit or vegetables into tiny pieces that are then spun to separate the juice from the pulp. After all, purchasing the right juicer is a big decision and one of the most important investments you’ll ever make for your health.

  • While single auger designs are compact, upright and space saving, they aren’t the most efficient or economical machines around.
  • With dual augers they squeeze every bit of liquid out of the fiber from produce; yielding the best possible juice.
  • The juice is then strained and it flows into a cup.
  • This method works quickly but tends to produce a lot of foam which some find unappealing or feel causes oxidization of their juice.
  • On the other hand, a twin gear juicer also called as triturating juicer is expensive but it has dual gears rotating at even slower RPM thus extracting more juice and preserving even more nutritional value of the juice.

Types of juicers
Pulp comes out as dry as it can get, but triturating juicers tend to be more expensive than cheaper masticating or centrifugal ones. Some extractors, especially those that require full dismantling, can be difficult to clean. Centrifugal juicers work best for juicing carrots, apples, and other hard fruits and vegetables versus high fiber leafy greens like wheatgrass and kale. Basically, the juice produced by twin gear augers has a longer shelf life. Find out what are the top models–here.

Centrifugal juicer
In general, extractors also tend to remove more fiber from your juice than an auger model. They’re light, easy to set up and use, and easy to clean with removable dishwasher safe parts. This juicer squeezes the last drop out of anything you put inside. With these juicers, the juice is first extracted through a crushing stage and, before the pulp is ejected, it is then squeezed during a second pressing stage; resulting in more juice, and extremely dry pulp. Check whether your juicer is simple to assemble or disassemble, or better yet you can purchase a self-cleaning model. Continue reading 

Posture Correcting Tips and Posture Braces Buying Guide

If you spend long hours sitting in front of a computer, the correct posture is vital to avoiding long-term overuse injuries to the muscles of your neck, back, and lower extremities.  Even people who are not positioned at a desk all day can benefit from paying attention to proper computer posture while surfing the internet or working on your computer.

A common result of poor computer posture is the tendency to let the head roll forward.  To correct this, take a look at your desk.  Your computer screen should be placed at a level that allows you to look straight ahead so that your head and shoulders don’t roll forward.  Place your keyboard in a position that will not force you to hunch your shoulders.  These two steps alone will improve your computer posture, and help to alleviate strain on the major muscles groups of your upper back and shoulders.  You can also be sure that your back is straight, and your shoulders are pulled back.

Maintaining correct postureHaving a comfortable chair with lower back support helps to ensure proper computer posture, while allowing you to work for longer periods of time without excess strain to your body.

While good posture and a supportive chair are essential to keeping your spine in alignment, it is important to take frequent breaks to get some light exercise and stretch.  Stretching and exercise promote blood flow and keep you alert and relaxed.  Remember, sitting in a chair is a very abnormal position for your body, so don’t overdo it.

Here are a few tips for quick exercises:

Go walking, or take the stairs.  Walking is a great cardiovascular exercise that also strengthens your hips and legs.
Learn some simple posture correcting exercises.
Bring light weights to work if you can, or knock out some pushups or body-weight squats.  Strengthening your muscles feels great and burns calories as well.

Finally, consider using a pillow especially designed to support your back.  You can take it to the office, or use it at home.

Back Brace of Posture Corrective Braces in UK

A painful back can cause varying degrees of pain from a simply annoying ache, to highly acute pain that will debilitate the sufferer from going about their everyday business and it can involve causing problems in our employment.

The older we get , the more our backs remember all of the hardship we put them through and get revenge on us by weakening and becoming strained.  With the elderly, vertebra that have come under pressure and put out of place can be the common cause of back pain. With misaligned vertebra, the chances of getting back strain is higher.  These problems can also come from doing too much hard, physical labor and exercise and sometimes it can be simply years of poor posture.

posture braces in UKAlong with excessive activity, periods of inactivity at a computer station or being at the wheel of a vehicle can equally be the cause of back difficulties. You might get a sharp pain in your back and be unsure how this happened to you.  After taking it easy with a soak in a hot tub you might feel better if the strain is not too severe, but if it is, you will probably need professional help.

There are products that are now available for purchase, which many people find give great assistance in getting your back into good working order again.  These straight forward products do not compromise you in any way and may be simply no more than a sitting aid, which takes the strain off your spine when you are in a seated position. The back braces and posture corrective braces will greatly help in reducing your back pain and also helps in maintaining your posture. There are many posture braces available in the market, but if you are looking for a good posture braces in UK, you must go for top brands as they cheap product won’t help you much in alleviating your back pain problem.

Added to this, acupressure is applied by these products to further relieve your back.  By making us sit and stand in a certain, proper positions, these back support products are doing our backs a great favor.  They should be the first port of call by those with back problems, before they advance to more serious remedies, such as medication or even surgery.  It may be that you will have to go down these routes eventually, however these back supporting mechanisms may be the thing for you.

Knee Braces – What they are used for

There are few controversies in orthopedic circles over the use of knee braces or knee support that is used for reducing the knee pain. A knee braces limits the mobility of the knee and kneecap and this may weakened your knee muscles as they are not subjected to move or work. Some expert argues that when the knee braces are removed, the knee muscles are weakened and this reduce their ability to work like before and the chance of injury and functional losses increases. Though many athletics wear knee braces during exercise or during play, You should be careful in using it. If you still want to use, make sure you buy the best knee braces that suits your needs.

knee braces in UKA knee brace can serve many functions depending on the specific problem for which it is being used. Knee braces are commonly prescribed by physicians for patients who have an ACL tear or some type of knee injury. Knee braces may minimize knee injuries, but their true effectiveness remains debatable.1,2,6–9 The current situation is one of confusion among players, coaches, parents and physicians about when knee braces should be used, if at all. Usually more serious than ankle injuries, knee injuries can potentially be season- or career-ending. If you have suffered a dislocated patella (kneecap), a brace can help keep the patella in the right place during walking, running and athletic activity.

  • The knee brace can provide added support during the recovery process.
  • This article critically examines prophylactic, functional and patellofemoral knee braces and attempts to assist primary care physicians in selecting the appropriate brace for their active patients.
  • If the ankle loses its ability to move because of a brace or tape, the body will rely on the knee.
  • After knee surgery like a meniscus repair or an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) repair, a knee brace may help stabilize the joint.
  • Football players put an extra amount of pressure on their knees because of the sharp turns and lateral movement in this sport.
  • Thirty-one percent of study participants said they took fewer over-the-counter (OTC) anti-inflammatory drugs, and 35% were taking fewer prescription anti-inflammatory drugs after six months of wearing the brace.

Continue reading 

Weight Bench and Back Pain – Know the details of it

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How much do you bench? This is a question that we probably all receive from time to time. The amount someone can bench press has become a form of measurement for sizing up a persons overall strength. So its no wonder why so many people are so concerned with learning how to increase bench press.  Now for the million dollar question, how exactly does someone go about doing that? In this article I’m going to address this and give you the information you need to do this. Before you know it you’ll be adding a couple extra 45 lb plates to the barbell when its your turn to hit the bench press!

Now learning how to increase bench press isn’t rocket science but you do have to ensure that you are properly setting yourself up for success. Simply adding more weight and hoping that this time you’ll miraculously be able to lift it somehow isn’t going to do anything for you. In fact, your only going to end up embarrassing yourself in front of your friends and the hot girls on the treadmill!

weight bench pressInstead, lets take a look at the 3 main factors that come into play when attempting to gain more muscle and become stronger.

1.) Nutrition: Chances are if you’ve hit a glass ceiling in your weight training you probably have to take a serious look at your diet. Are you getting enough protein?  I recommend eating lots of chicken,turkey, and tuna. Heck throw in a few steaks from time to time too just for good measure! Also, you’ll want to make sure your on a good multi-vitamin and protein powder as well. These are the two essential supplements for any bodybuilder. Getting on some creatine can help as well, but if your diet isn’t where it should be it wont be nearly as effective.

2.)Proper Lifting: Now we’ve all seen the guy that is always trying to lift more weight than he can really handle. You know what I’m talking about the one that is always arching his back and bouncing the weight from his chest.  If your doing this please stop immediately. Proper form is ESSENTIAL in order to actually gain any sort of benefit from the bench press or any exercise for that matter.  When attempting to increase bench press, you’ll want to make sure that you are lifting the weight you already lift properly. Lower the bar in a controlled manner and lightly touch your chest, BUT DON’T BOUNCE IT.  Also make sure that your feet are firmly on the floor and keep your entire back on the seat. So if you are serious about making a good body, then you should at least buy a good adjustable weight bench. We will talk more about adjustable weight bench in UK in this article.

3.)The Workout: Lets now examine what you workout routine looks like. How many sets and reps are you doing? Chances are you’ve probably heard from everyone that you should be doing 3 sets of 10 reps or something along those lines.  This is not what you want to be doing! If you want to increase bench press, you are going to want to lift heavy with low reps.  Load up with a weight that you can lift no more than 5 times. I personally like to do a 55 (5 sets of 5 reps).

Now once you have these 3 factors in check you should start being able to increase your bench press gradually over time. However, if your like me and want a fast track to becoming a monster on the bench press in a minimal amount of time then I have something that might interest you.

Adjustable Weight Bench in UK

weight bench in UK 2017Weight benches play a crucial part in any weight training program with modern benches allowing you to train at any angle, focus on almost any muscle and aid in reducing the risk of injury. Not only do you need a weight bench, you want a quality, reliable bench. Adjustable Weight benches are a vital piece of equipment for working out as they give you an abundance of options for exercises to target all muscles across your body. We look for reliability and durability in everything, so it’s obvious that you will need a reliable weight bench. An adjustable weight bench typically has a simple frame design with one of two different adjustment mechanisms: pop-pin or steps.

  • A bench not only has to support your weight, but also the additional weight of what you’re lifting.
  • It’s also necessary for proper form.
  • Since you are paying fair amount of money you want privileges.
  • You can sub-categorise weight benches into utility and benches with racks, the utility version is just a stand-alone design without a rack, most models are adjustable but you can find flat fixed styles too.
  • As you get stronger, the weight it needs to safely support goes up.
  • They can be used with dumbbells, cages, power racks and various other attachments to ensure a full body workout.

It does not only support you but the additional weight you will be lifting thus you need to make sure you are buying something that is long lasting. They are perfect for combining with a pair of dumbbells and are generally less expensive than those with racks because they are more basic, with this set up you still have a great range of exercise options at your disposal. You need a bench that can handle your gains; it needs to be strong and stable under any load. Take a look at the list below to see the possible weight benches you can buy for your home gym.

In case you are searching for the best adjustable weight bench to workout at home, just keep checking out this page. In case you are searching for the best adjustable weight bench to workout at home, just keep checking out this page. The flat bench is used mainly to do flat bench press movements and accessory work. Invest in a bench that has great build quality. We have collected the best models here, compared and reviewed them honestly.

We have collected the best models here, compared and reviewed them honestly. This is the perfect option is you have a home gym with a power rack already set up so that you can now bench/squat from the same station. They are meant to provide stability, and poorly-built ones will wobble quickly. I hope you will find the most suitable model that will support your training for long years. I hope you will find the most suitable model that will support your training for long years.

Types of Weight Bench in 2017

If you are looking for a flat bench or a utility bench then you will mainly be looking at the the dimensions of the bench pad and the reviews of the pad to influence your decisions. Look for ones made from steel and heavy-gauge tubing. I’m not really sure how much, as long as it can do the job and will last I’ll be happy so I guess I’m open to suggestions. Within the comfort and convenience of home, one can enjoy much of the versatility of the gym with a few simple purchases. You also want a bench that has a upright seated position, multiple incline angles, a flat position, and a decline position.

Also, check the manufacturer’s product specifications to see if the user weight and weight load capacities fall within your range. Like I said, I go to the gym almost every day and make use of one there too so my home one will be used as well but probably not as much. The easiest way to broaden one’s exercise potential is with free weights and a workout bench. Don’t choose a bench that only has a few adjustable positions. With the Super Bench you’re paying for an extremely high quality item that will last, well, forever.

I have no idea where I should try and get one either, as there aren’t too many stores in my area that specialize in gym equipment, in fact the only things that come to mind are Dunhams Sports and Dick’s Sporting Goods. As with any purchase, it is important to make sure that one gets the features that one needs for a reasonable price. More positions give you more variation in your exercises. You could go for a cheaper option, sure, but when you have to replace it next year because the padding has ripped or the adjustments have broken, don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Even though best incline bench offer tougher challenges for you, flat benches are the perfect tool for beginners as they can provide an easy platform to start exercising but at the same time maintain sufficient resistivity that you would expect from an exercise product.
The trouble is that even when you read a lot of weight bench reviews or guides, it can be very hard to find the right one. You need variation with a home gym over the years! The durability and versatility of this bench make it an easy pick. Using a pair of dumbbells or weights will help you to put sufficient amount of resistivity on your muscles and helps you to expand your muscles.

There are quite a few types of weight bench models to choose from, and even looking over all the available models on a single site like Amazon can take a lot of time. You need a bench that is going to allow you to do more exercises and a weight lifting bench with multiple positions will allow you to do so many more weight lifting exercises. It’s important to know that maximum load also takes into account your body weight. One major downside of this weight bench is the lack of decline options. So, if you weigh 200 pounds and you can bench press your body weight, then you need a bench that can handle a maximum weight of at least 400 pounds.

Yes, some of us pectoral workout freaks simply would not want to have a bench that doesn’t allow for a lower chest workout, which is why you need the decline. When you consider that the whole point of training is to get stronger, you really need something that is about 100 pounds heavier than that. Of course, you may always put something under the leg on one side to raise the action, however, We strongly suggest you don’t do it simply because it’s very unsafe. Whether you are just starting a new workout program, or have been weight training for years, having a weights bench with a range of settings can be a major benefit for your upper body workouts. While standard flat weights benches will usually be lower priced than adjustable designs, this does mean you are much more limited with the exercises available.

Back pain during workout

back pain workoutThere’s some paranoia around lower back pain that pervades the fitness world. You’ve probably heard people say they have a “slipped” or “ruptured” disk in the back. The hip flexors are the group of muscles which attach the upper leg to the trunk at the front of the body. Breathing also is very important for core recruitment. To be fair, back injuries stink—to put it mildly.

  • What they’re actually describing is a herniated disk, a common source of lower back pain.
  • For many of us, these are shorter and tighter than they should be, pulling the pelvis into anterior tilt.
  • If you’re squatting for higher reps, exhale on exertion and if you’re trying to lift heavier for lower reps, utilize the valsalva maneuver.
  • Hurting your back can keep you out of the gym for months.
  • Disks are soft, rubbery pads found between the hard bones (vertebrae) that make up the spinal column.
  • Imagine your pelvis as a bowl of water, which should be level; when the hip flexors are tight, the front of the bowl is pulled down, and water pours out the front.

One of the main reason of back pain for office goers is the long hours of sitting on the chair. Most of the chairs in the office are reclining and they don’t give proper support to your back. If you seriously want to relieve your back pain then buy a recliner chair which is very good for the back pain. These chairs provide proper support to your back and also give lot of comfort. There are many types of recliner chairs available in UK. You need to choose the one which suit best for your need. Recliner chairs are expensive, but they are worth the price.

This increases the pressure in the plueral cavity (space between lungs and inside of chest wall) to help you stabilize and squat better. It can even lead to lifelong problems. In the middle of the spinal column is the spinal canal, a hollow space that contains the spinal cord and other nerve roots. When you hear the word core, you picture six-pack abs. That said, you should still know the difference between normal back soreness and potential back injury. The disks between the vertebrae allow the back to flex or bend. But your core is composed of much more: Back, side, pelvic, and buttock muscles all work together, along with your abs, to allow you to bend, twist, rotate, and stand upright. Back DOMS tends to develop gradually after exercise. Disks also act as shock absorbers.
You’ll start to notice it six to eight hours after your workout, with it peaking 24 to 48 hours later and disappearing 72 hours post-workout. Dominating sets can wait a day. You may feel like resting, but moving is good for your back. We have to first figure out if you’re able to get back in the saddle or whether you’re going to wet your saddle. Exercises for lower back pain can strengthen back, stomach, and leg muscles.
With every case of lower back pain presenting in a unique fashion, it is necessary to determine whether you are dealing with just another muscle tweak or an amount of structural and functional damage. They help support your spine, relieving back pain. Always ask your health care professional before doing any exercise for back pain. Depending on the cause and intensity of your pain, some exercises may not be recommended and can be harmful.

Depression – What You need to know about it

epression is a chronic long-lasting disorder, where the patient experiences sadness, loss of interest, hopelessness, loss of motive and/or worthlessness. When an individual gets depressed, it needs attention. Depression may be caused by dietary deficiencies, hormonal imbalance, sensitivities and allergies, or biochemical conditions. Other factors that contribute to depression may include stress, grief’s, disappointments, problems in work, problems in relationships etc. Remedies for depression give good relief to people who are going through a period of depression. An experienced homeopath may offer valuable guidance and helps to choose a remedy that best suits the situation.

Homeopathic remedies for depression are an alternative approach to treat various diseases and illnesses including many types and major forms of depression. The Homeopathic remedies for depression revolves around the philosophy of homeopathy which aims to treat the person based on the signs and symptoms that they possess. It uses various forms of herbal and natural occurring ingredients that are found in nature. The Homeopathic remedies for depression approach in the treatment of depression relies on the use of herbal medicine which acts both as supplement as well as catalyst that helps the body to self-balance the hormones and chemical substances that are associated with depression. Homeopathic doctors and researchers have found that a specific type of chemical that the body produces, which is known as S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine is responsible for lowering the symptoms of depression.

The Homeopathic remedies for depression approach in treating depression are aimed to primarily treat the symptoms that are occurring to the individual. The idea of this approach is to treat the symptoms separately so that the disease or illness recede and disappear.

Homeopathic remedies for depression offer treatment for all stages of depression, especially for individuals who are in their early stages. But people who are in the extreme condition of depression may not find any good from Homeopathic remedies for depression. They are deep acting and have potential to counter genetic tendencies of depression. Homeopathic remedies for depression address the root cause of the disease and thus prevent relapse and recurrence of the condition. Finally, Homeopathic remedies for depression are free from side effects as opposed to conventional medicines used, so it can be used safe.

There are various types of Homeopathic remedies for depression that are used in the treatment of depression and are sold in the form of tablets. They should be taken as per instruction given by the Homeopathic doctor. If not, the medicine will not be effective and do not reduce the symptoms of depression.

Some common Homeopathic remedies for depression used in the treatment of depression includes Arsenicum Alban, Aurum metallicum, Calcarae Carbonica, Causticum. Cimicifuga, Ignatia Amara, Kali Phosphoricum, Natrum Carbonicum, Natrum Muriatricum, Pulsatilla, Sepia, Staphysagria et cetera. These Homeopathic remedies for depression have different effects on individuals and hence treat various symptoms associated with depression.

The homeopathic doctor will help to choose the right drug and its dosage based on the symptoms of depression. The frequency and dosage of these medications will also vary with the condition and the individual. If no response is seen in a reasonable amount of time, then the doctor may suggest a different remedy.