Is Treating Chronic Pain With TENS Machine in UK Effective?

Back pain is a very common problem in UK. It is estimated that more than 60 percent people living in United Kingdom experience some type of back pain in their lives. Chronic back and neck pain not only causes distress but also one of the reason that people miss their work is one of the leading sources for workman’s compensation claims. There are many therapies that helps in reducing the chronic back pain and that includes heat therapy, inversion therapy and newly invented TENS. We will be discussing in details about TENS and how you can choose best TENS unit in UK later in this article.

Any cure to the common condition of pain is directly related to the determination of its cause, though the causes seem to be numerous. Any person suffering from back and neck pain would not refrain to pray, to cure him of the pain and misery. It is quite understandable that people who suffer from sciatica pain constantly, and are unable to move or get on with their normal activities should be very anxious to clutch at any treatment that promises to relieve them of their pain and suffering. The most common type comes from straining one’s lower back muscles and ligaments,from either straining to lift a heavy object, from a fall or awkward movement or a back spasm.Back pain is also caused by poor posture, a sedentary lifesyle, and/or sitting on a soft sofa or chair for long periods of time.

Inversion Therapy For Back Pain

back painInversion therapy could be a therapeutic intervention, principally practiced for treatment of back pain. Beneath this therapy, the patient hangs upside down or in an inverted position (against gravity). The degree of the inversion angle depends upon the approach for undergoing the therapy and the health condition of the patient.

Inversion therapy advantages are mainly stressed on correcting the issues of the spinal column, which occur because of injury, dislocations and aging. The therapist could suggest appropriate inversion therapy exercises for overcoming pain in the back. Browse a lot of on back pain relief.

Inversion Therapy Advantages

Inversion therapy for back pain could be a popularly discussed topic. As per the proponents, it is effective in decompressing the spine and relaxing muscles and ligaments. Special equipment called inversion tables and gravity boots are used for performing inversion therapy. The former permits inverting at variable angles, while the latter is supposed for a right away the wrong way up position. Hence, the benefits of inversion tables and gravity boots depend upon the approach for that you’re using the equipment. Some of the inversion therapy advantages include:

1)  Decompress Spine – When speaking concerning inversion therapy for a spine drawback, it helps to decompress the spine and relieves pain by reducing pressure on the nerves and spinal discs.
2) Correct Body Posture – Inversion therapy aids in reversing the process of aging in the spine. As it realigns the spinal column to its original form, it aids in maintaining body posture.
3) Increase Flexibility – It’s quite obvious that after decompression of the spine and relieving pain, the flexibleness and body movement is increased to a sure extent.
4) Promote Blood Circulation – Undergoing regular sessions of inversion therapy promotes blood circulation to the upper organs, so increasing oxygen and nutrient provide to these body parts. This indirectly helps in quick healing of the inflamed and injured tissue.
5) Improve Lymphatic System – Inversion therapy improves the lymphatic system and promotes higher circulation of the essential nutrients to the body organs. This in turn helps in body detoxification and proper coordination of the body metabolic processes.
6) Eliminate Constipation – The inversion therapy edges conjointly embrace simple bowel movements and relieving constipation. Because the body remains the other way up, the pressure of a arduous stool is decreased, permitting straightforward passage.
7)  Relieve Stress – The proponents of inversion therapy are of the opinion that it helps in proper stress management. However, guarantee that you just follow the therapist’s advice for a suitable position.

Inversion Therapy Risks

The therapeutic benefits of inversion therapy is controversial. Specifically, this therapy isn’t applicable for patients who have back pain along with other medical conditions. Dangers of inversion therapy embody blood infusion in the head portion. Considering this, folks with high blood pressure, heart problems, glaucoma and eye diseases ought to ask for advice from their concerned physician prior to indulging in inversion therapy. Conjointly, pregnant girls ought to refrain from this kind of therapy, as it will cause sure complications, both for the mother and therefore the baby.

TENS Machine For Back Pain

TENS, EMS and IFC pain relief units use electrical frequencies to help relieve several types of pain, without drugs or harmful side effects. Over time, they have been shown to actually reverse some pain problems. They’ve been used for years by medical doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and other health professionals. If you have back pain, shoulder pain, arm and wrist pain, ankle pain, leg pain or neck pain, a TENS, EMS or IFC unit may help relieve that pain and stress without heavy duty painkillers or over the counter pain medications. If you can avoid taking painkillers, you’ll feel better, avoid becoming dependent, and your body won’t grow used to the pills, making them ineffective if you really need them later.

There are many types of pain with the causes of them identified. Pain, in any case, is a symptom and studies will continue to find better treatments that will eliminate the cause and provide relief. In the end, a true cure will be able to treat the actual cause of the pain.

How TENS machine works

TENS is a term that deals with electromagnetic pulses that strikes a certain point of your body in order affect the nervous system. Electrical stimulation allows a patient to properly move without excess discomfort, and thus aids physical therapists in the process of guiding a patient through the necessary corrective exercises and movements. The most important benefit of TENS therapy is the ability to regain muscle movement after stroke. Unfortunately, for some people it is not helpful or they find the sensation too unpleasant. This causes a stimulation for the nerves and will in may cases relieve a person of the pain that region.

  • For patients regaining the use of body parts, the electrical stimuli causes muscles to contract and thereby helps them in regaining strength.
  • For stroke survivors who are left with hemiparesis or other versions of paralysis, TENS therapy can help your muscles regain movement through nerve and muscle stimulation.
  • In our clinics we encourage people to change the sensation to suit them, but it may not work as people’s experience of pain is diverse.
  • TENS treatments only work when you apply it to a certain region of the pain, one region at a time, for best effect.
  • TENS machines are used to help lessen the intensity of numerous different types of pain, including back pain, knee pain, neck pain, period pain, sports injuries, arthritis and during labour.

Benefits of TENS Machine

The role of electrical stimulation is to assist the body’s natural healing process, by replacing reduced electrical activity. As far as we can tell, the TENS machine can be used for all pain conditions, providing there is no health reason preventing its use. Some other treatments include ultrasound, which provides deep heating and may relieve the pain of torn or damaged muscles and inflamed ligaments. Nerve pain can also be treated through tens pain relief. The rate of healing is directly proportional to the number and duration of appropriate ECS treatments.

However, it can be difficult if you have many pain sites or more widespread pain, such as fibromyalgia syndrome. Some people find pain relief by using a (TENS), transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation unit, which brings a gentle electric current when applied to the skins surface, relieves pain. Pains in the nerves, known as neuropathy, can be caused by conditions such as chronic regional pain syndrome. Typical results show injuries/wounds heal about twice as fast with regular recovery ECS, compared to nil or infrequent electrotherapy. A TENS machine utilizes electrodes that are placed on the skin in the affected area to send a small electrical current through the muscles and tissues. This electrical current causes the body to produce endorphins, which are natural pain management hormones.

TENS Machine Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best of the best for both TENS and EMS stimulating units? The intensity of the current can be controlled by the portable tens unit as well as length of time it is delivered. A good thing about this model is that it comes with a very good battery. I’m not sure which TENS unit is the best, but I can tell you that the Healthmate Forever unit I have is very good, and I only paid $40 for it. The robust small units have adjustable settings that are user friendly.

  • The current does creates a non-painful sensation to the skin and tissue below the skin where the electrodes are attached.
  • The battery can last for up to 50 hours of use or more, depending on the massage features you use.
  • It has dual mode, which means you can use up to 4 pads at one time.
  • You can also program your personal preferences or use the preset functions.
  • Adjust the strength of the current until the tingling sensation from TENS is strong, but not painful.

This will allow you to use the device for weeks on end without having to recharge it. It’s quite powerful too. Some units are portable so that you can put in your pocket or purse and take with you to the office or when traveling. You will also be able to adjust the pattern and speed of the current, so that the TENS sensation is as comfortable as possible. Most Tens machines have a digital display and several settings, such as a massage setting with a lower-pulse frequency or a more intensive mode with stronger pulses.

I usually put the power around 60%. However, there is ‘good evidence’ that Tens can be effective in treating diabetic nerve pain, it adds. Some machines especially of the combination type might need to be plugged in to work but there are also a lot of rechargeable options nowadays that use either standard or lithium batteries. Many TENS machines are digital and have helpful pre-sets to help you choose the best settings for your pain. A good machine will be lightweight and come with a belt clip so you can still move around while using it – many women find that moving around during labour can help them feel more comfortable. Thousands of Britons use Tens machines, which have been around for more than 30 years and deliver small electrical pulses to the body via electrodes placed on the skin. Look into how long will the machine will last before it needs charging or replacement of the batteries.

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